We put our customers' interests first.

Technological know-how, passion and determination are a strong combination proven to create value for our clients and for their clients too. Read more about us here.

We have always sought to do our best and that is something we are proud of.

Solid technological solutions create business and drive revenue. The right advice creates value, optimises business processes, releases resources and creates long-term client relationships. So of course we always do our best. We have done that since 2004, and we will continue to do so. 

Our know-how has created results since 2004. Shall we develop your business too?

Decision-makers in companies and organisations have chosen Kraftvaerk as their IT development company and business partner, because we know what to do, and what not to do. In our opinion, value creation is all about coherence. Coherence between data. Between business processes across systems. Between you and the people you serve. Between you and us. Between your business challenge and our IT solution. It is up to you how early or late you want us to join the process. Now you know that our advice is at your service.

Our solutions must be of high practical value. We will not engage in more or less prestigious projects with a diffuse focus and without visible value creation. We do not undertake projects to exceed artistic or scientific boundaries. We will create long-term relationships with our clients, who must be able to see real value in working with us

— Otto Andersen, founder and CEO, Kraftvaerk, Posted in 2004

For some, the technological development might be frustrating and complex. But to us, it isn't.

Kraftvaerk has developed companies and organisations via know-how and probably the best tool box in the industry. We are proud to be a mature development company that continues to develop. Together with our clients we have, time and time again, used technological opportunities to release business potential. Our ambition is to provide our clients with the best conditions for succeeding in creating value. Our advice hinges on all the things that will ensure this. This includes technological know-how, an understanding of business, passion, humanity and decency.