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To achieve the goal of your digital investment, it is paramount that the delivery of your product is successful and lives up to the anticipated quality. We have years of experience delivering high quality products that are built on top of expertise and knowledge acquired since 2004.

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<h1>Build <span class="text-athletic-green">it right</span><span class="text-athletic-green"></span></h1>
<p><br />To achieve the goal of your digital investment, it is paramount that the delivery of your product is successful and lives up to the anticipated quality. We have years of experience delivering high quality products that are built on top of expertise and knowledge acquired since 2004.</p>

If you don't have time to build it right, when will you have time to build it twice?

The variance in scope, technology, performance, quality, complexity, and security for digital solutions, demands project teams to excel in planning their approach for the delivery. These key factors demand effort, dedication, and the right knowledge at the right time, to deliver above and beyond expectations.

To encompass all the main requirements and sustain a high level of delivery-integrity, we utilise an approach that is based on a hybrid-agile delivery model and project management system. Here, the defined scope is an essential part of the foundation of the project, used to plan the approach and to ensure alignment to project participants, and understand the project success metrics. Not only do we consider near-term goals, but also the scalability and flexibility of the long-term solution to ensure your best possible return on investment.

No unpleasant surprises

Timely coordination. Clear communication. Tasks aligned in flow. We provide the services required for efficient project delivery without unpleasant surprises.

  • Program management

    Run larger projects and programs with multiple departments and stakeholders ensuring direction and goal fulfillment, having optimal program management with deliveries being ready at the right place, at the right time. Experience clear reporting on true progress and gain effective resolution of impediments and strategic decision making, having efficient facilitation of steering committees with participation of key stakeholders.

  • Project management

    Achieve ownership and competent management of projects based on best practices and years of experience delivering multitudes of projects across various industries, sizes and complexities utilising a wide range of technologies. Experience progression and clearing of blockers while being informed of true project status through clear reporting and base decisions on data and key project insights.

  • Architecture

    Get the most optimal IT architecture. The foundation of all robust IT systems is IT architecture. We use our 20 years of experience in the field combined with a pragmatic and honest weighing of pros & cons of emerging technologies to define the most optimal IT architecture for the given project.

  • Backend

    Ensure a solid and well-functioning backend. The invisible part of IT is the backend and no amount of make-up will ever make it work well. We establish solid backends across multiple different platforms and systems and we follow well defined architecture paradigms and patterns to ensure solid backend for any system.

  • Frontend

    Provide intuitive and robust frontend. Usability, responsiveness and ease of use matters every time when it comes to the entry point of your system. We use modern frameworks, paradigms and well documented development processes to ensure that all factors are weighed in.

  • Data & integrations

    Derive the value from data across systems and business areas. With a high focus on compliance, data security governance and easy monitoring as the cornerstone of the way we build data integrations, we tie data, IT systems and your business together in a sustainable way.

  • Cloud implementation

    We help you build solid, secure, agile and cost efficient Cloud solutions. By using the right services in the Cloud we provide you a scalable, resillient solution with the right security level and as low responsibility for operations as possible.

  • AI and Machine Learning (ML)

    Get on board with AI and ML adoption. The decision to use AI or ML depends on your specific project requirements and goals. Through workshops, analysis, and a strong emphasis on security and data structuring, we assist you in making the best possible choices for your specific situation.

  • Quality Assurance (QA)

    Ensure that your digital solution is reliable, functional and of high-quality. We have processes, methods and a range of activities and techniques that ensure we identify, prevent and handle defects, errors, and shortcomings to make sure your solution functions and performs as expected. Our QA services cover software development, system implementation and IT operations. We form test strategies, plans and test cases using both manual and automated testing, to reach the highest possible quality within the frame of the project.

Delivery process

Our delivery process is optimised to be easily scalable and flexible in the delivery of all types of digital solutions. It enables close collaboration with stakeholders through frequent communication, reporting and feedback loops. It is structured for iterative development defined by iterations in the form of sprints and uses agile elements with essentials from the more classic waterfall approach.

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  • 01.


    Frame for the project

    Specify essential project guidelines encompassing technology, platform, UX, project goal, long-term strategy and other key factors. The Discovery process yields primary project specifications, including technical design, specifications and solution architecture. Subsequent iterations refine and detail the specifications.

  • 02.


    Developing solution iteratively

    Each iteration involves completing multiple activities to build an incremental portion of the project. This includes creating a detailed design and specification for the work in the sprint, breaking it down into work packages with estimates and dependencies. After developing and submitting a work package to the code branch, it undergoes review, testing, and a demo for evaluation by key project stakeholders, the product owner, or a business representative. Once adjustments are made, the developed code is merged and tested. 

  • 03.


    Fabricating the solution

    Deploy the tested, demoed and reviewed work packages. After completing iterations the code can be deployed. This involves close collaboration with project stakeholders to ensure timely and coordinated content production and training. Once the solution increment is introduced, the backlog is reviewed and updated.

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Tired of unpleasant surprises?

We provide the required services to efficient project delivery without unpleasant surprises.

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