Modernising HAY’s B2B processes


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<h1><span class="text-athletic-green">Modernising HAY’s </span>B2B processes</h1>
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HAY’s approach to furniture design is modular, meaning that any given piece is built-to-order, based on the desires of the individual B2B client. In order to support that, HAY needs a strong digital setup that enables both them and their clients to take a modular approach.

The first step towards realising that goal is a migration of their ERP solution, but the foundation lies with setting up product configuration and data modelling to support HAY’s business model. In short, HAY needs a setup that reflects and supports their approach to designing furniture.


To modernise HAY’s digital setup, we are migrating their B2B functionalities from Navision to a new Dynamics 365 solution, and shifting the on-premise PIM solution to cloud hosting. Part of that is also ensuring optimised integration from inriver and Optimizely to the new Dynamics 365 solution.

The key part of our solution, however, is improved product configuration. To make the Microsoft product configurator work faster, we combine it with a solver that we are coding. This enables faster processing of the modular approach that forms the core of HAY’s furniture design philosophy.


Part of beginning the development process is bringing old systems into the modern era. This is effectively a product of necessity for HAY – some of their older systems are running on versions that are nearing their end-of-life (EOL). One instance of this is HAY’s Navision system, which Microsoft will cease supporting in the not-too-distant future.  

The effect is that it is not only desirable, but necessary, to see a shift to Dynamics 365. Similarly, the on-premise approach used in inriver (PIM system) will no longer be supported, meaning that HAY needs to shift to the cloud-hosted inriver Product Management Cloud (iPMC). 

Fast and agile solutions

The silver lining is that the work we are doing not only updates the systems HAY has in place, enabling them to get reliable support from suppliers going forward. We are also making sure that the new solutions are faster and more agile than what HAY current works with. For instance, by combining iPMC with an Azure based integration, we are providing HAY with a smoother purchasing process for clients. 

Our work on the Microsoft configurator and our custom-coded solver is focused on enabling faster processing speed than would have been possible with Microsoft’s own solution, since our solver is specifically developed to run multiple processes at the same time without sacrificing speed.

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