From aborted sign-up flow to increased conversions

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<h1>From aborted sign-up flow to <span class="text-athletic-green">increased conversions</span></h1>
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A new strategy addressing the need for a commercial angle at several levels in society forces Business Danmark, a union specialised within sales and marketing, to rethink and improve their digital platform. The goal is to attract new members and provide new services that the members can use as continuing professional development.


Within time and budget, we develop a new corporate website to Business Danmark including an entire new Commercial Academy where members can seek professional insights and knowledge, and a new member sign-up flow which created success from the first click.

Great digital success at once

It's practically love at first click when the members are met by the new website. And it doesn't take long before Business Danmark starts seeing the results of their digital investment.

  • Seven times faster

    The new digital platform performs seven times faster than the original site.

  • Aborted sign-ups reduced with 50%

    Increased speed and improved sign-up flow reduces aborted sign-ups by 50% and Business Danmark experiences an increased number of conversions.

  • Increased visitor time

    Many more members are using the professional services and the visitor time has increased by an average of 3 minutes.


We're developing the new corporate website on Optimizely and it meets the need for an individual user experience. A simple, personalised page structure helps manage membership benefits, so each member can click their way to professional development, legal support, courses and e-books.

One result is that more members are taking advantage of Business Danmark’s courses and the professional literature which is available in the new Commercial Academy. Another overall success is that members are staying longer on each page and visit the website more often and with a shorter frequency.

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