The secret weapon is better integration of data

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<h1>The secret weapon is <span class="text-athletic-green">better integration of data</span></h1>
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Projections show that by 2030, Denmark will lack 90,000 skilled people in the Danish labour market. Like many other companies the Danish Ministry of Defence Personnel Agency is looking into how they can attract and retain employees. One method is to enable professional development and career promoting possibilities within the organisation. However, a fragmented career overview makes it difficult for current and potential employees in the Danish Defence to gain an overview of the education and training programmes as well as their career opportunities.


We are creating a custom-built career overview based on user journeys reflecting the military and civilian career paths available in the Danish Defence. The career overview makes it easy for recruits, majors, civilian doctors, chefs etc to get an overview of the many career promoting possibilities and professional development opportunities they have at hand. As the solution is an enabler for employees to seek new career opportunities internally, the goal is that it will have a positive effect on attracting and retaining employees in the Danish Defence.


We develop a new career site including a custom-built career overview. Based on various user profiles we develop a new architecture and design to create a simplified user journey. Five different websites are gathered on a new platform, that brings together all the career opportunities in a custom-built career overview.

It might sound simple, but it requires a high degree of technical expertise to systematise it properly when you, as Danish Defence, are offering more than 40 different education and training programmes in a large organisation with just over 20,000 employees working across all conceivable disciplines. However, the better integration of data makes it possible to create career overviews that collect and display data in a more user-friendly manner. This is smart when you want to attract and retain employees.

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The choice of CMS platform is based on a discovery process identifying the business needs of the Danish Defence Personnel Agency. Based on that, we begin the technical development and implementation of the careers site, which is based on Optimizely DXC, the cloud version of Optimizely CMS. The platform is geared for continuous expansion as Danish Defence upgrades more of its IT solutions to the cloud.

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