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Enhancing digital solutions requires dedication and investment. We help companies to maximise the value of their digital investment and ensure continuous evolution rather than merely sustaining the investment.

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<h1>Run &amp; <span class="text-athletic-green">optimise</span></h1>
<p>Enhancing digital solutions requires dedication and investment. We help companies to maximise the value of their digital investment and ensure continuous evolution rather than merely sustaining the investment.</p>

Service Management

Our Service Management approach is based on the ITIL methodology. We ensure that the platforms, digital solutions and products we service, have a market fit. We do this by having regular status meetings and continuous Discovery cycles with inspirational dialogue, as part of our service management.

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    Service Transition

    Service transition initiates the introduction of the solution and provides us with the knowledge and insight that is foundational for our ability to provide the best possible service. During the service transition we review the solution and its documentation to ensure the service level can be maintained and improved.

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    To provide a great service, we ascertain the service level need, align expectations for collaboration, obtain an overview of change requests and plan the roadmap for future ambitions together with your team. As part of introducing changes, Change requests are detailed and enable us to transform ambitions into future developments. We use our knowledge and experience to sustain your competitive edge, enabling you to be up-to-date and technologically mature. We follow user and analytics trends by staying ahead of the curve and implement improvements frequently, to increase the value gained from the solution.

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    We routinely review the solution and provide suggestions that will improve performance, ranking, functionality or reduce costs if possible. We keep your solution up to date with the latest features and mandatory security patches, to keep your solution supporting business critical business processes.

Keep improving your digital business

Through collaborative efforts, we regularly conduct assessments to identify necessary improvements and changes that can enhance your service and solution. By unraveling these opportunities, we strive to continuously enhance the overall experience for our clients.

We make your digital investment last

Our service processes are built on a solid and well-established foundation, which has been developed through years of successful collaboration with numerous companies, enabling us to contribute to their digital solutions. Through this experience, we have created a streamlined approach to serving our clients, prioritising efficiency in delivering agile solutions while also providing expert advice on business and IT security matters.

  • Service management

    Obtain a service level for your solutions that matches your needs and ensures that the value gained from your investment is maximised. Collaborate with a dedicated and proactive service team and benefit from their experience and skills when they deliver the best possible service and advisory on improvement suggestions, while keeping transparent communication to all relevant stakeholders.

  • DevOps

    Our DevOps service offering comprises both hosting and DevOps services. Our hosting services focus on stable operations through monitoring, performance optimisations and incident management. Our DevOps services make up the bridge between development and operations by implementing best practices, automation and collaboration to accelerate software delivery, enhance system reliability, and drive innovation.

  • Cloud operations

    Cloud providers only cover parts of the operation responsibility when using the Cloud. Depending on your choice of services a cloud provider might not handle Virus/Malware scan, patching, backup and certainly not cost monitoring. On top of that, you also need a disaster recovery plan and a partner to execute it, when Cloud services has an outage.
    We provide Cloud managed hosting that handles the day to day operations, cost monitoring and incident handling related to your Cloud environment and applications. We cover the operation areas that developers and the Cloud providers do not, also outside office hours.

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Does your digital solution get the attention it deserves?

Some vendors publish digital solutions, just to leave them unattended. We are known for high quality service management, and we have taken over numerous solutions from vendors, who didn’t manage the task. We help our clients to maximise the value of their digital investment and ensure continuous evolution rather than merely sustaining it.

Call or write Lead Service Delivery Manager​, Martin Franck.

Martin Franck

Lead Service Delivery Manager​