Digitalising the customer experience in insurance


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<h1><span class="text-athletic-green">Digitalising the customer experience</span> in insurance</h1>
<p><span class="text-athletic-green">Alka</span></p>


Alka is among the 10 greatest insurance companies in Denmark. An important competitive parameter within insurance is customer experience and as customer demands for more digital self-service are on the rise, Alka is forced to digitalise its customer dialogue and improve the customer experience. It’s not an easy task as product complexity and legacy systems are queuing up to be in the way.


We are providing Alka with consultancy and technical implementation in shifting the analog dialogue towards mobile devices and digital self-service solutions. Today Alka gets the most out of their technical set-up and can improve the customer experience and meet customer demands.


We provide consultancy and technical implementation on how Alka can get the most out of their Sitecore platform. This includes improvements to the Sitecore architecture, development of Sitecore applications and building a standardised approach to DevOps. We are working on several of Alka’s solutions that customers use when accessing Alka digitally.

Under this framework, we provide development work on existing solutions in Angular, but also on solutions for Alka’s path towards VueJS. With our strong experience in Sitecore we assist Alka’s architecture team in improving stability in Sitecore. This includes monitoring and reviewing logs and key figures as well as upgrading Sitecore in terms of security and performance.

The entire environment is optimised and Alka’s DevOps set-up are also upgraded and the standardised DevOps approach is enabling Alka to release solutions with a steady hand. Our consultancy and development take place in close cooperation with Alka as we are a regular part of the insurance company’s agile set-up, and directly involved in the agile teams at Alka.

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