When speed is the real insurance

Norli Liv & Pension

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Sometimes things just happen. Fast.

Like, when your business unit is sold off to new owners, and you get approximately one year to move out. Completely. While of course keeping the business running for 80.000 customers. A classic corporate carve-out.

That's the case for Norli. Until recently called Alm. Brand Liv & Pension under the Alm. Brand Group, but sold off in a strategic 1,1 billion DKK deal to Nordic I&P.

With the need for a fast transition, Norli goes to Kraftvaerk to move and safely redeploy their digital platform, website and customer self-service portal. Including integrations, data layers, and security authentications.


With around 70 employees to serve its about 80,000 customers reliable digital self-service, customer service and impersonation capabilities are crucial elements.

Therefore, three things are of paramount importance to Norli going into this project with us: Robustness, Plug & Play and Security & Ownership. Our senior team delivers on all three. Reconfiguring the whole infrastructure surrounding a great user experience. A fast-paced but solid process. Without long meetings or reports. We spend the time on getting things done. And done properly.

No time to waste

Three things are of paramount importance to Norli going into this project with us.

  • Robustness

    The Optimizely Experience Platform (DXP) needs to be robust, perform from the get-go, and requires an absolute minimum of internal maintenance after deployment. There simply isn’t time or resources internally at Norli to hunt or fix annoying bugs.

  • Plug & play

    UX and platform functionalities in the Vue.Js frontend and interface need to be the exact same as customers and employees are used to from before the acquisition. With such tight deadlines, there is no time to waste on additional training and user adoption.

  • Security & ownership

    Integrations, API’s and authentications should be seamlessly moved to Norli’s Active Directory in Azure.

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Mission accomplished in 42 days

Quality at speed is the goal of this carve-out. And we make it together with the dedicated people at Norli in just 42 days.

It isn’t easy, though. It’s not until you pop the trunk, that you know what’s underneath.

Even though Kraftvaerk has crafted part of the former digital platform for Alm. Brand Liv & Pension, the transition from Alm. Brand to Norli was complex. The schedule is tight. Attention to detail, decisive.


Because many stakeholders, contributors, systems, data sources and API’s at Alm. Brand are involved. Many bits and pieces of information are needed from a wide range of busy people. A lot of privacy and safety regulations need to work, because people entrust Norli with their pension and life insurance. Their future, that is.

In order to move fast and meet the short deadline, we assign an interdisciplinary team including QA test resources. To test all corners and use cases before and after the transition. So that Norli can trust the platform from the very first moment.

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