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<h1>From legacy to <span class="text-athletic-green">Topdigital</span></h1>
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Topdanmark, one of Denmark’s largest insurance companies, wants to improve the digital customer experience. But being a company with more than 100 years of history leaves a mark on a digital environment that has grown in complexity since IT found its way into business. Thus, Topdanmark is embarking on a major migration project where all websites are to be assembled on a new platform and new apps developed to support the customers’ demands for more digital self-service. The goal is to improve the customer experience and improve Topdanmark’s brand.


“There is no time to waste”. This is the message we're receiving as we are brought on board the project as development and implementation partners. The first step is a new corporate website which is implemented in just two months and kicks off with an effortless launch. This is, however, only one out of several projects that we and Topdanmark are collaborating on to improve the customer experience. Together we are developing more than 30 apps providing Topdanmark with several digital self-service solutions. For the pleasure and benefit of customers and Topdanmark.


The major migration project aims to bring all Topdanmark’s websites together in one CMS. For this we are ensuring mainframe integrations that enable Topdanmark to adapt more quickly to new and changing market needs. And we are developing integrations that connect Topdanmark’s IT systems across the enterprise.

The first stage of the project involves a new corporate website (, where we are responsible for architecture, system integrations and implementation.

Topdanmark Desktop
Topdanmark Mobile

Design, architecture and integrations in perfection fusion

The result is a modern platform where design and architecture create improved user experiences and where the underlying IT integrates with the rest of the Topdanmark organisation. The migration project gives Topdanmark’s brand a boost and improves the user experience for investors, business partners and potential new employees - making Topdanmark resonate with top digital.

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