Rethinking the digital loan solution attracts new clients

Resurs Bank

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<h1>Rethinking the digital loan solution <span class="text-athletic-green">attracts new clients</span></h1>
<p><span class="text-athletic-green">Resurs Bank</span></p>


Resurs Bank offers smart payment and online loan solutions for b2c and b2b. The b2b market consists of a broad network of retailers who offer Resurs Bank’s online loan solutions to customers buying products from their online stores. To provide the best possible loan solutions, Resurs Bank found that they need to offer different types of loan solutions for different retailers. Thus, Resurs Bank needs to rethink their digital solution set-up.


We have provided Resurs Bank with a digital solution that enables them to provide their network of b2b retailers with unique webpages that reflect each retailer’s visual identity and also accommodate the retailer’s need for customised loan solutions. For the b2b retailers Resurs Bank’s loan application is business critical and by offering customised loan solutions, Resurs Bank is attracting more b2b retailers into their exciting network.


Smooth integrations create smooth customer experiences

We have developed a digital solution that enables Resurs Bank to provide each retailer with a unique loan solution webpage that matches the different needs and reflects the retailer’s visual identity (logo and color). The page is integrated on the retailer’s website/online store and becomes a natural part of the users’ customer experience. Through integrations the solution retrieves correct calculations of loan terms and interest rates for each request. For Resurs Bank’s retail network, the availability of the online loan solution is business critical. Testing, operations planning and providing support quickly in the event of incidents are therefore key focus areas in our collaboration.

A universe of webpages

Resurs Bank has a universe of websites. The collaboration began when Resurs Bank was looking for a partner to help ensure high uptime and continuous improvements to drive their loan solutions forward. The challenge was a tight migration deadline, as Resurs Bank’s existing supplier had to terminate the agreement. The migration, including knowledge transfer, was finished on schedule.

Resurs Bank’s loan solution consist of different parts:

  • An integration to Resurs Bank’s banking system

  • An administrative website for settings and log viewing

  • Customer-facing websites

The solution is based on customized .NET code and Umbraco with SQL server databases. Integrations, Signicat and text message notifications are based on .NET webservices.

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