Five good reasons for choosing us as your partner

First and foremost, it boils down to trust when a company or an organisation has to choose a partner to which it will be giving access to its technological engine room. We acknowledge this trust by living up to the demands that we set for ourselves. Demands that, incidentally, go far beyond the demands usually made of us by our clients.


We take your business seriously. Kraftvaerk is an IT development company that specialises in consultancy and business development services. We develop high-quality solutions and services aimed at adding value. In us, you will find a partner who sets great store by taking a rock-solid and professional approach.


We understand your situation. It’s highly likely that we are familiar with your industry, as well as with your systems and daily routines. This stands to reason after more than 15 years of providing consultancy. If not, then we’ll do all the legwork, and find out how you operate.


We do not have a ‘B team’. High-level skills and well-trained brains are required to devise and develop the best IT solutions. Just as it takes professional expertise to maintain an overview and implement complex IT projects with many stakeholders. You will only be working with the best.


We don’t work for you – we work with you. It may sound like a cliché, but it isn’t. This collaboration is crucial to successfully creating a value-adding project. Specifically, it also means that we are based where it benefits the project most.


We have years of experience, and we know what we’re doing. We probably have the most experienced colleagues in the industry, ready to service you and your business. Accordingly, we possess in-depth knowledge of past, present and future technological possibilities that have to be included in the equation.