There are 5 reasons why you should choose us as your partner. At least.

First and foremost, it is about trust when a company or an organisation has to choose a partner that gets access to the technological engine room. We acknowledge this trust by living up to the demands that we set for ourselves. Demands that are, by the way, much higher that the demands usually set forth by our clients.


We take your business seriously. Kraftvaerk is an IT development company focused on advice and business development. We develop high-quality solutions and services with the purpose of adding value. You get a partner who works in a rock-solid and serious manner.


We understand your reality. It is very probable that we know your industry, as well as the systems and everyday routines in which you operate. This is a given after more than 15 years of advising. If not, we will do all the legwork and familiarise ourselves with the routines in which you operate.


We do not have a "B team". Senior skills and well-trained brain cells are required to devise and develop the best IT solutions. Just as it takes professional strength to maintain an overview and implement complex IT projects with many stakeholders. You will only work with the best.


We do not work for you – we work with you. It may sound like a cliche, but it really isn't. The collaboration determines the success we have in creating a project of value. Specifically, it also means that we base ourselves on what is most profitable for the project.


We have extensive experience and know what we are doing. We probably have the most experienced colleagues in the industry, ready to provide you and your business with their services. We know all about the technological possibilities of the past, current, as well as future technological possibilities that must be included in the equation.