We put our clients’ interests first

Solid companies are typically characterised by having a founder who has put considerable thought into their visions. Just as Kraftvaerk's founder, Otto Andersen, did in 2004, when he wrote this manifesto, which continues to be our guide.

Kraftvaerk manifesto

The philosophy behind Kraftvaerk has its roots in craftsmanship, passion and know-how. We put our clients’ interests first, and we maintain the know-how and the skills required to create results for our clients. Our projects must be profitable for our clients - and for us.

Our solutions must have a high practical value. We will not involve ourselves in more or less prestigious projects with a diffuse focus and without visible value creation. We do not undertake projects simply to push artistic or scientific boundaries. We will create long-term relationships with our clients, who must be able to see real value in working with us.

We combine creativity and strong craftsmanship, and we want to attract skilled people as developers and advisors. We do not want to isolate ourselves in a self-sufficient perception of our own worth, but to forge links between research, technology, design and craftsmanship. Our creations are clear-cut and concrete; design follows function. We merge business and technology into a single entity where function and the user experience are part of an ‘overall solution’, designed by professionals working across different areas of expertise.

We are a learning organization, not just a consultancy company. A melting pot, where ‘masters’ and ‘apprentices’ work on an equal footing according to solid principles, values and guidelines.

We will strive to ensure that our deliverables are characterised by simple and factual functionalism. Kraftvaerk wants to deliver quality to clients who demand quality. It must be easy to become a client with us - and easy to be a client with us.


Copenhagen, January 2004