Scandlines chooses Kraftvaerk  

Scandlines is launching a project to migrate its websites, and has chosen Kraftvaerk as its new IT strategic partner.

20 February 2020 

Scandlines is launching a project to migrate its websites, and has chosen Kraftvaerk as its new IT strategic partner. Kraftvaerk was chosen on account of its strong Umbraco competences and the company’s skill at combining business understanding and IT-strategic insights in solid solutions that support Scandlines’ ambitions.  

Scandlines has chosen IT consultants Kraftvaerk to migrate its current websites to a new Umbraco 8 platform. The aim is to create uniform user experiences, increased conversion and a personal experience for the individual user.  

“At Scandlines, we have a number of separate websites that we want to bring together on a new and common platform with a new visual identity. At the moment we are operating on different technological platforms with various layouts and designs. This needs to be changed. Our customers must never be in any doubt that they are dealing with Scandlines wherever they meet us. In addition, we can see a lot of benefits in terms of improved workflows and data utilisation by uniting our sites on a joint platform.”– Rune Andresen, E-commerce Manager, Scandlines Danmark ApS  

The migration involves standardising websites so that layout and navigation, for example, are the same across the different Scandlines platforms. In addition, it will enable several Scandlines websites to use shared content components in addition to the website-specific components. Overall, the solution will be developed on a new Umbraco 8 platform, where integrations and personalisation engines will be connected and handled. Core functions, components and languages will also be built in Umbraco to allow (re)use across the different sites.  

“With a unified Umbraco 8 platform, we are moving away from having several separate websites. We want to work with the latest technology and a CMS that offers greater freedom and adaptability. We want to be able to use best-of-breed solutions, including the cloud, in our daily work, and see it as an important part of Scandlines’ further development.”- Morten Irve, Head of Infrastructure & Architecture & Dev. Scandlines IT, Scandlines Danmark ApS  

Kraftvaerk is also very happy with the new collaboration, and is looking forward to the task of migrating all the websites.  

“Scandlines is a historic company with exciting ambitions for the future. Clearly, we are looking forward to the collaboration and to helping to implement the migration project which by Scandlines has launched.”- Rasmus Kjær Madsen, Director & Head of E-commerce, Kraftvaerk A/S  

About Scandlines  

Scandlines symbolises a historical and close cooperation between Denmark and Germany. Scandlines operates two high-capacity and high-frequency ferry routes and has a green vision for the future.  

Its core business involves running an efficient and reliable transport service for both passenger and freight customers. The main focus of all of Scandlines’ activities is creating value for its customers on board the ferries as well as in the Scandlines’ shops.  

With eight ferries making more than 43,000 sailings a year, in 2018 Scandlines transported 7.4 million passengers, 1.8 million passenger cars, over 700,000 freight units as well as 36,000 buses on its Rødby-Puttgarden and Gedser-Rostock routes. Read more about Scandlines at

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