Cloud. Want to join the cloud?

Corporate infrastructure is the foundation for growth, customer satisfaction and readiness for change. That's why more and more companies are building their infrastructure in the cloud. At Kraftvaerk we have worked with cloud computing since 2011 and have extensive experience consulting and developing cloud strategies and solutions.

Cloud strategy

Getting started with the cloud is easy. In less than half an hour, you can create an account and set up your first service. Before you go home, you may even have deployed your first website. Often, however, it doesn't take long before you have a ton of applications and services in your cloud, and you've lost track. Both of the context and your costs.

That is why it is important for you to have a solid cloud strategy, before you start your journey.

Get started with 'Cloud Take Off'

At Kraftvaerk, we help your business get started. We offer 'Cloud Take Off', a short course of three workshops in all, where we focus on your system landscape and vision, and together create a roadmap and a cloud strategy.

The process typically takes 2 days. Day 1 starts with two workshops, the first of which is about the cloud concept, taking you through relevant cases. After that we have another workshop that focuses on your situation, vision and strategy. On Day 2, a few days later, we follow up with a third workshop where we review the roadmap, possibly looking at recommended cloud providers. 

Migration to the cloud

Businesses can join the cloud in many ways. You can choose to migrate an existing solution to the cloud or you can choose to develop new components directly in the cloud. We take a closer look at both below.

More and more companies are migrating to the cloud. And with good reason. Both advantages and opportunities await. Is your business considering migrating to the cloud too? We've listed 5 key benefits of cloud migration:

  • Guaranteed high uptime and stability
  • Operating costs are paid according to actual consumption (pay-as-you-go)
  • Rapid and flexible development (DevOps best practices)
  • Transparent and de-coupled services (microservice architecture)
  • The solution can be scaled and expanded as needed

Cloud native. What and why?

Cloud native relates to IT solutions built to exploit the modern features of the cloud. The cloud native mindset utilises modern development methods and assesses the possibilities of for example PaaS, multicloud and microservices. Cloud native is thus not about where the solution is developed, but how a solution is developed.

Many companies have heard about the advantages of the cloud and the benefits attached. However, the cloud brings with it a number of new considerations for the company. These include the many new technological opportunities offered by the cloud. It can be difficult for businesses to find and stay on top of the many options across the many cloud providers. In addition, the new development methods often require a new organisational mindset. So how do you get your organisation into the cloud, and how do you choose the right provider for your company? At Kraftvaerk, we help identify the cloud options that match your organisation, and we develop a cloud strategy that incorporates the entire organisation into the cloud journey.

At Kraftvaerk, we have helped companies such as Q8, Clever and Royal Greenland develop solutions based on the Cloud native mindset. 

Break down into microservices.

Migrating an entire IT landscape to the cloud can be a complex task. Especially in the case of companies that have built up a large and heavy IT setup over the years, a so-called monolith, where the dependencies are many and where data is complex and business-critical. In these cases, one cloud strategy can be a 'strangler pattern', where we divide the monolith into smaller and decoupled components and move them into the cloud one at a time. Maybe even establishing them as microservices. Such a migration requires a sharp cloud strategy and the right development skills.

Advice. Innovation. And further development.

Since 2011, we have advised and developed cloud solutions for our clients. Our cloud competencies include consulting and planning cloud strategies as well as developing and implementing cloud solutions. We've helped a wide range of clients securely on board the cloud and partner with the three largest cloud providers Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. Do you want to join the cloud too? 

Putting customers first.

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Chief Technology Officer

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