Self-service creates loyal customers.

Kraftvaerk has developed self-service solutions long before mandatory digital self-service came on the agenda in the Danish parliament. Today, there is an element of self-service in pretty much everything we develop. It is a natural development at a time when more people want to, can and are already doing it themselves.

Users want to, can and are already doing it themselves.

Because customers have the technological equipment ready, companies have a head start in providing self-service solutions. They are in the favourable position that more and more people want to, can and are already doing it themselves. In a few years’ time, the vast majority of the population has become accustomed to the digital world and is both ready to act and ready to purchase. More and more will sign a contract digitally and ship it off directly. More people will solve the tasks of purchase, payment and delivery via their preferred device when and where they want. More people will manage subscriptions, contact information and consumption in user-friendly portals via log-in. More people see advantages in searching for information through user manuals for appliances and ordering that broken refrigerator drawer. Just to mention some of the many benefits that offering self-service solutions entails.

Digital self-service also makes a difference within the company.

Portals based on digital self-service provide not only the individual customer with flexibility, freedom and an overview. With solid self-service solutions, companies also get the chance to do more of what creates value. Specifically: When the customer orders the heating oil themselves, the company does not need to do so, and they can instead spend their time in a better way. If your customers helped themselves more often, what would you spend the time on? Innovation, data enrichment, customer care ...?

Self-service software and apps for B2B and B2C.

Kraftvaerk develops self-service software and self-service apps. We have extensive experience with self-service solutions for a number of clients, such as Rejsekort A/S, Clever and Q8/OKQ8. Among other things, we have developed the B2C portal and the B2B portal for both Q8 and OKQ8, which help professional fuel users like transport and taxi companies keep an overview of their consumption.

If anyone asks me what we can offer regarding self-service, I'll answer 'customers'. Because people prefer to interact with companies or organisations that make the effort to understand everyday problems and solve them. It is really quite simple: If customers get the choice between hanging around in a phone queue for 35 minutes or solving the problem themselves in an instant via a self-service solution, then the customers will select the last one. And they come back.

— Niels Truong,, CSCO, Kraftvaerk A/S

We find the answers together.

We kickstart the development process by asking questions: 

  • How can the company make everyday life easier for your customers? 
  • What manual workflows can self-service streamline in your company? 
  • What digital self-service solutions will position you strongly in the market?

Putting customers first.

Niels Truong

Chief Strategy & Creative Officer

+45 7022 6480