E-commerce. Online trading. Digital procurement.

Whatever you call it, consumers are increasingly embracing e-commerce. We develop e-commerce solutions that benefit both the consumer and the business.

B2C customers and B2B companies shop online.

It is important to offer them the seamless shopping experience they expect, across digital and physical channels. 

  • Advice on how e-commerce is best implemented in your company. 
  • Implementation of e-commerce solutions, customized to complex business needs. 
  • Choosing the platform that fits into your business, based on needs and strategy. 
  • To enable data-driven decisions that improve sales and business processes. 
  • Successfully implement your e-commerce strategy to increase sales. 
  • Delivering a consistent and meaningful user experience across channels and touch points. 
  • Optimization and customization of the solution so that it meets the requirements and needs of the business and the user in the long run.

We provide the agility, structure and advice that is needed.

We lead you all the way, both before, during and after delivery of the solution. 

  • A scalable and reliable e-commerce solution. 
  • Feature-rich and integrated platforms that fulfills business requirements. 
  • Integrations across a complex system landscape. 
  • Training and help to implement the solution in the company. 
  • A solution where work processes and data flow across systems. 
  • Scalable multi-brand platforms.

How do you gain ground with e-commerce?

Although the development only goes upward for e-commerce, getting started can seem overwhelming. New processes. New IT systems. New organisational structure. At Kraftvaerk we want to make it easier for companies to exploit the potential. That's why we advise on digital business development. And e-commerce too, of course. We delve into your organisational structure, processes and technical set-up, and together we look at whether e-commerce may be a navigable road for you. We make recommendations on how you should structure your business to get the most out of your digital investment. Contact us, if you are interested in a talk about e-commerce – with no obligations.

Putting customers first.

Rasmus Kjær Madsen

Director & Head of E-commerce

+45 53 72 97 84