Optimizely (formerly Episerver) is a market-leading CMS and e-commerce platform boasting integrated advanced personalisation and marketing tools that make it possible to create world-class user experiences.

Why choose Optimizely? 

We recommend Optimizely for companies with large volumes of content across multiple brands, markets, languages etc. wanting to invest in a modern digital experience platform that combines commerce with content.   

Our developers are Optimizely-certified, and our digital consultants know and understand the platform.

5 reasons for recommending Optimizely.

  1. Extremely user-friendly and easy to work with for marketing employees and editors needing to handle large volumes of content and complex commerce requirements.   
  2. Easy to work with for developers; supports an agile development model.   
  3. A secure and trusted cloud solution with advanced privacy and compliance standards.   
  4. Automatic scaling to handle any load on the platform.   
  5. Lower TCO thanks to the platform’s integrated suite of digital experience tools in a single platform.   

6 value-adding platform features. 

Episerver has all the features you need to deliver a meaningful and personalised user experience across digital touch points.  

Best in class CMS.

Easy to use media, content and products to create new pages, new content and new user experiences with drag-and-drop content.

Enterprise search. 

Offers simple yet advanced search function for users, including search-as-you-type, filtering and personalised ranking. 


Convert more with Episerver’s state-of-the-art e-commerce engine, with the streamlined management of catalogues, orders, customer data and payments. 


Create, publish and manage digital commerce campaigns, promotions and discounts based on real-time data. 

Customer insights. 

Optimise your strategy and tactics by tracking visitor behaviour on your site and creating content, promotions etc. for the most profitable segments. 

Product and content recommendations. 

Provide users with personalised content and products when visiting your site based on AI and user behaviour.  

Putting customers first.

Jacob Dalgaard

Chief Technology Officer

+45 26 32 64 85