Product Information Management (PIM)

Streamline product data management with PIM – a Product Information Management system.

Product data. A crucial competitive resource

Today product data is a crucial competitive resource for your business. The need for good data has only increased as product data must be available everywhere. For B2B clients, at online marketplaces, shopping feeds etc. Good product pictures and correct data is decisive for customers landing in your shop rather than in the competitor’s. And this is what a PIM system will help you to ensure.

PIM. Because data is everywhere

Data is everywhere. In sales. In marketing. In Production. In the webshop. In physical stores. At suppliers. At the competitors. In the archives. In the system. Etcetera. We recommend Product Information Management (PIM). Once you have the method in place, you have the foundation to define where you want to start and what you dream of using data - and time - for.

At Kraftvaerk, we implement product information management solutions using Struct and inriver PIM

Three things to consider before you invest in PIM

There are a lot of things that needs to be considered, but there is minimum three things you with advantage should consider before investing in PIM. PIM is more than data. PIM is also about identifying which processes you wish to simplify and about aligning the vision internally. What is it that you wish to streamline? What is it, you want to achieve?

1# Is it time to invest in PIM or upgrade the existing?

The demands from customers to informative product data, short reaction times and high efficiency in work processes are ever increasing. Therefore, it is relevant to consider if you should invest in PIM or consider if your existing PIM comply with the demands and expectations to an effective PIM system. As well as consider how it fits to your cloud strategy.

You can read about Struct PIM here, if you wish a cloud based configurable PIM solution.

2# Which ambitions do you have to your product data?

You use product data almost everywhere in your organization, both internally and externally. The ambition can be manifolded, but a reasonable ambition could be that it should be easy to access product data, including pictures and documents. The fundamental of PIM is to create your ‘One source of truth’. It is from PIM that every body retrieve data. PIM is the library for all your product data, and much more than this.  

3# How do we prepare the organization for PIM?

PIM requires adaptability in all departments. The organization needs to be ready to make fast decisions in agreement and manage the positive consequences which PIM entails.

We believe that PIM should be implemented and integrated quick and efficiently. In 90 days, we can help you have PIM ready to use and integrated to your ERP-system and webshop. From here there will be a learning curve and further anchoring.


In Kraftvaerk we are specialists in implementing PIM and create the necessary integrations it requires to make your organization get the most out of your PIM investment.


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