Product Information Management (PIM)

Streamline product data management with PIM – a Product Information Management system.

PIM. Because data is everywhere.

Data is everywhere. In sales. In marketing. In Production. In the web-shop. In physical stores. At suppliers. At the competitors. In the archives. In the system. etc. Therefore, it may require its system to get it all under control.

We recommend Product Information Management (PIM). Once you have the method in place, you have the foundation to define where you want to start and what you dream of using data - and time - for.

It's not just about uncovering what processes you want to simplify, but just as much about matching expectations internally:

‘What do we want?’  ‘What do we want to get away from?’.

If you need sparring, we at Kraftvaerk are of course available in all phases - including the initial ones.

Do you want to know more about PIM?

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