Digital strategy & advice.  

Our most important task is to help you to steer the digital development of your company. This means that we help clarify the effect of different development initiatives on your company’s development and growth. In so doing, you will be able TO FOCUS ON WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT. 

What we can help with .

The task of establishing your company’s digital direction is an important one. It’s not just about ensuring that your products and services remain interesting in a changing market. It is just as much about you having an eye for using digital tools to work smarter and more efficiently at all times – for the benefit of both your customers and employees.  

At Kraftvaerk, our focus is on helping you with:  

  1. Data and insights  
  2. Digital strategy  
  3. Digital management  

1. Data and insights.

At Kraftvaerk, we want to gather and create as much knowledge as possible about your company’s situation before embarking on the task of defining your future digital strategy. Our consultants help to ensure a solid data base on the basis of, for example:  

  • Digital marketing analysis  
  • Customer and segment analysis  
  • Market analysis  

2. Digital strategy.

We will help you develop your company’s digital strategy. But more importantly: We make sure that the strategy becomes a reality! Our work therefore contains the following key elements:  

  • Identifying necessary strategic initiatives. 
  • Prioritising and describing the strategic projects to be carried out during the period (the digital roadmap).  
  • Preparing a business case that specifies the digital investment and its benefits.  
  • Concrete action and resource plans to ensure implementation of the strategy.  

At Kraftvaerk, the work involved in developing a digital strategy for your company is an independent delivery. This means that the recommendations we make regarding, for example, the technology options presented in the strategy are guaranteed to be independent of products and services offered by Kraftvaerk’s other departments.  

3. Digital management.

We often meet companies that need extra hands to get strategic projects implemented and anchored within a specific period of time. Kraftvaerk therefore invites your company to draw on our specialists for shorter or longer periods for tasks such as:  

  • Project management  
  • Management of digital team/department (interim)  
  • Specialist tasks  
  • Managing external suppliers  
  • Contract negotiations  
  • Recruitment  

Our digital specialists.

Kraftvaerk’s Digital strategy & Consulting department is manned by a team of specialists and consultants who all have experience at managing digital departments, digital projects and digital transformation in large international companies.

Putting customers first.

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Engagement Director

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