Struct PIM

Struct PIM is the complete PIM solution that allows you to deliver a spectacular user.

Why choose Struct? 

We recommend Struct if you want an easily integrated PIM system that can streamline product flow and management. Struct can be adapted to meet individual needs and is also very user-friendly.  

Your Struct PIM can be expanded with add-ons. For example Supplier-Add-on, which ensures better data from your suppliers, and Struct Publications, which converts PIM data into PDFs and product catalogues.  


5 reasons for recommending Struct. 

  1. In Struct, you can set up your own dashboards to create overviews of your products and product enrichment – this can be managed according to the individual roles within your organisation. 
  2. Streamlined products handling from set-up to enrichment. Struct enables you to define the product hierarchy that matches your organisation – in relation to both your ERP and Commerce sites.  
  3. Struct has an open API and thereby integrates quickly to other systems.  
  4. Easy and user-friendly interface that facilitates use across organisational roles.  
  5. Transparent pricing model without any limit on the number of users and incoming and outgoing channels. In addition, Struct can be priced as a managed SaaS solution.  

6 value-adding platform features. 

  1. Mass updates and search engine via PIM streamlines the product data work.  
  2. It’s a PIM solution that matches your products.   
  3. PIM simplifies working with product images and product catalogues.   
  4. PIM interacts with the entire organisation’s IT systems and is also integrable.  
  5. Webhooks and API make it easy to expand functionality or integrate to other systems.  
  6. The continuous optimisation and ongoing development of the Struct platform means that users are working on a platform that never stands still.  

Putting customers first.

Claus Agerschou

Head of Data & Insights

+45 22 45 02 42