System integration.

No matter what kind of integration, and no matter which systems are already in use, we can help optimise the process.

Connections promote business.

Inventory management systems. Financial systems. Credit validation against RKI. Address validation against the CPR register. Integration with NemId. Many systems benefit from becoming integrated.

In all places where communication and knowledge sharing are needed, there may be a need for system integration. Between companies. Between departments. Across technologies, old and new.

One of Kraftvaerk's greatest strengths is the ability to advise on and develop integrations between existing systems and processes. With sound business understanding, as well as a broad technical knowledge, we can help optimise and automate workflows ā€“ ensuring increased value for our clients' business.

Putting customers first.

Peter Wiwel

VPā€‹ of Technology

+45 7022 6480