Umbraco is an easy-to-use open source CMS, which is known for its flexibility and fantastic editing experience. The platform can be tailored to any requirement from either the business or users.

Why choose Umbraco?

We recommend Umbraco for companies that need a modern and efficient editing tool to create small and large content universes.   

Kraftvaerk is a certified partner, and our developers and digital consultants are all certified on the platform.  

Kraftvaerk has been involved since Umbraco’s tender beginnings, and therefore possesses in-depth knowledge of our platform. Today, Kraftvaerk is a well-regarded consultancy firm which advises on and solves complex tasks for customers internationally, and I’m completely confident in referring Umbraco customers to Kraftvaerk, as time and again they demonstrate their skills by delivering attractive, functional and, most importantly, value-creating solutions for customers. For eight years, Kraftvaerk has organised the Umbraco Festival with a wealth of unique initiatives, for developers, CEOs and CTOs in large Danish companies. On top of their highly committed approach, it means that today they are a ‘Contributing Partner’, a title which has to be earned!  

— Anders Trans , CSO at Umbraco

5 reasons for recommending Umbraco. 

  1. Ideal for creating content-based enterprise websites.   
  2. Fast ROI with a scalable and cost-effective best-of-breed cloud solution.   
  3. Support from a large and vibrant community of dedicated developers.   
  4. Accessible and easy to integrate with your existing ecosystem.   
  5. Extremely user-friendly and efficient platform for marketers ensures outstanding user experiences and satisfied visitors.   

Get off to a quick start with Kraftvaerk’s standard Umbraco package for companies or Kraftvaerk’s Umbraco solution for local authorities.

6 value-adding platform features. 

It’s easy to get going with Umbraco, and you will achieve maximum value and a fast ROI from your Umbraco investment with our approach. Read more about Umbraco.  



Configurable features. 

Get started quickly with built-in functionality, Kraftvaerk’s standard packages, or make the most of the features and packages available from the large community.

Continuous optimisation. 

The modular structure enables us to continuously optimise and expand the platform with new features adapted to your business. 

Best practice SEO 

Umbraco ensures that the website lives up to standard SEO requirements 

Simple language management. 

Umbraco’s language management makes it easy to work with sites and multi-language content. 

Unparalleled editing experience. 

Umbraco is known for being one of the easiest tools to work with for editors. This makes it simple to create the right user experience in record time. 

Seamless integration. 

Streamline business processes by integrating email platforms, marketing systems or data from CRM, ERP, Commerce platforms etc.

Putting customers first.

Brian Melin

Head of Umbraco - Architect

+45 20 60 71 64