Garrets offers digital purchasing portal without internet.

The digital wave is causing a stir at sea too. Garretts, the world leader in budget management of 'food and non-food', servicing nearly 1900 ships, has enabled shipping companies’ vessels worldwide to make purchases through a digital purchasing portal. Even if they are several thousand nautical miles out at sea. Kraftvaerk has developed the solution, which Garrets calls 'Stores Shopper'.

By grasping technology and intelligent web-based tools, we simplify everyday life while ensuring a better quality of data.

— Mogens Thyssen, Head of Commercial, Garrets

In numbers

It has now become easier for shipping companies’ vessels to order goods at sea. Together with Garrets, Kraftvaerk has developed a digital purchasing portal that stores such large amounts of data in the browser that the purchasing portal works without daily access to the internet. This means that the ordering of goods takes place at sea, to be delivered in port. At the same time, the offline product catalogue can be updated both at sea via optimised data transfer over satellite and in port via wi-fi.

One market leader

Garrets is the world leader in provisions and technical management for the global shipping environment, supplying nearly 1900 ships around the world.

One smart solution

Order handling is streamlined both at Garrets and onboard the ships, and the risk of manual errors has been significantly reduced. This is because all data has been organised in one digital online portal.

One digital front runner

In six months, Kraftvaerk and Garrets have developed a digital purchasing portal that works without daily access to the internet. The fast and intuitive order flow has already given Garrets and their clients new momentum.

71 % of the Earth is covered by water – but not by the internet

Can you shop digitally without internet? The short answer is 'yes', if you ask Kraftvaerk, like Garrets did. And that is quite useful, since 71 % of the Earth is covered by water. The 'Stores Shopper' solution places Garrets as the digital front runner in the market for stores management – to the benefit of their clients who more than welcome the digital purchasing portal, because the order process has been organised and optimised.

The technological stroke of genius is that the purchasing portal stores all data in the browser, until the order manager completes the order. All data is compressed to a minimum, so shipping companies minimise the cost of data exchanges via satellite.

— Lisa Jensen, Head of Business Systems, Garrets

From Excel to e-commerce

Easier ordering. Simplified information flow. Better planning. Better overview. Greater transparency. This is the result of transforming Excel into e-commerce. Previously, all orders were made via Excel sheets with large amounts of data and resource-intensive administration. Now it's all much smarter. A digital purchasing portal gathers all products in an offline product catalogue, so the order managers at sea far from wi-fi can easily search, browse and order from a product selection tailored to the specific ship.

Our ambition is "making our customers’ life at sea better". With the new intuitive solution we have taken a decisive step towards meeting that ambition. By grasping technology and intelligent web-based tools, we simplify everyday life while ensuring a better quality of data. It strengthens us as a business that we can now also interact with our clients when they are at sea.

— Mogens Thyssen, Head of Commercial, Garrets

The purchasing portal also assists with budget management

Like other business units, shipping companies' vessels at sea must also comply with budget management. Through the new purchasing portal, ships can now better track purchases on an ongoing basis and ensure that each ship's budget is in compliance. For example, Garrets is now able to transfer data about estimated port-specific prices, providing the ships' purchasing officers at sea with a price estimate even before a request is transmitted. It affords an overview of the ship's budget and more possibilities in terms of procurement in the specific port.

The new intuitive solution enables data compression, so we can increase the amount of shared data, improving the conditions for our clients on the ships: easier ordering, simplified information flow, better planning and better overview. It's great to be able to enter the market with a digital purchasing solution that actually makes a difference. Optimising time usage and minimising manual errors are two important competitive parameters for our clients.

— Mogens Thyssen, Head of Commercial, Garrets

It's all about intelligent integration

Kraftvaerk has developed the digital shopping portal as a PWA (Progressive Web App) and with Episerver e-commerce. PWA is a technology suitable for situations where users need to work offline, and where large amounts of content can be stored in the browser. Kraftvaerk has also developed integrations from the procurement portal into Garrets’ ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Shall we develop together?

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