Optimising industrial B2B sales

Royal Greenland

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With a view towards boosting their B2B sales, Royal Greenland is looking to bring their efforts regarding their industrial clients to the same level as their Food Service clients. To do this, Royal Greenland wants to create a digital product catalogue to optimise the sales process and shorten the time per sale.  

The digital product catalogue is supposed to gather all the product data for industrial clients in one easily accessible place, something that, up until now, Royal Greenland has been lacking. Royal Greenland needs the solution to have strong offline capabilities, for use at trade fairs and other situations with poor wifi.


We are developing a digital product catalogue that enables Royal Greenland to optimise the overview of their products and easy access to up-to-date information. To accommodate the need for offline capabilities, we are making a Progressive Web App (PWA) part of the solution. This ensures a complete overview of Royal Greenland’s range of products, whether online or offline.

The digital product catalogue and the PWA-based solution means that Royal Greenland now deliver an optimised and more efficient B2B sales process for their industrial clients.


We’re setting up the digital product catalogue to integrate with SAP, collecting the master product data. In addition, the digital product catalogue pulls structure and enrichment of categorisation from Optimizely. The digital product catalogue itself is hosted in Azure, which is also where the integration logic for SAP is implemented, and data is stored. As befits a modern solution, the Azure solution we are delivering is cloud-based, so it can easily scale with Royal Greenland’s future needs.

The front-end application itself is developed in Angular SPA and embedded in Optimizely. The application is also 100% headless, meaning that Royal Greenland will be able to make deployments to the digital product catalogue without going through their CMS system, which was a capability they requested. The search engine, filter logic and routing are all implemented directly into the front end, meaning that the user experience for industrial clients is faster and more efficient than ever before.

Royal Greenland Desktop
Royal Greeland Mobile

In evaluating Royal Greenland’s need for offline capabilities, we recommend using a Progressive Web App (PWA) to solve that part of the challenge. Given that some of Royal Greenland’s clients have poor wifi, combined with the need to reliably access the digital product catalogue at something like a trade fair, our evaluation is the best solution is using the high level of internet independence that a PWA provides.  

A key benefit of the digital product catalogue is that Royal Greenland sales personnel gain a faster and more efficient user experience, and a substantially improved overview of the product range for industrial clients. This enables the sales personnel to work faster and more efficiently than before, boosting their ability to easily access relevant product data for any given client. Industrial clients attain similar benefits, in that they now have an overview of Royal Greenland’s products, can access product data faster and more efficiently than before. 

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