Optimised workflows and product data


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<h1><span class="text-athletic-green">Optimised workflows</span> and product data</h1>
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Garant, a brand with 65 independent stores specialising in flooring and blinds, wants to boost the profits from their webshop by 25%. To get there, they are instituting a three-phase plan, the first step of which is to lay the foundations for the modernisation of the webshop.

Their current setup is struggling to properly manage their product data, which is taking too much manual work across product groups and departments. This necessitates more manual workflows and processes, and in turn resource intensive work and increased risk of human error.


Based on our experience with developing product data management solutions, we implement a PIM system to solve Garant’s challenges with manually intensive workflows.

The new PIM solution enables Garant to centralise product data and establish control over access to and editing of data, as well as control over product experience regardless of channel or language. The new PIM solution also enables Garant to consolidate product data without overtaxing their ERP system. In short, we're giving Garant the tools to improve the overview of their product data and reduce manual processes.


We're recommending the implementation of a PIM system at Garant  based both on our analysis of their needs, and on what Struct PIM can provide for them. With a PIM system, it is possible to add new aspects with both speed and ease, without losing sight of what is happening. In other words, Struct PIM allows Garant to adapt, without sacrificing their overview.

With the new Struct PIM solution, we are enabling an efficient product flow across all stages of production – right from the data delivery. We are digitalising the process, making sure that human resources can be used in an optimal way. It also means that Garant can rely on consistent data management across their entire organisation. With Struct PIM, they are gaining a reduction of time-to-market, since they enrich product data while publishing data. This means that Garant's customers get access to products that much faster.

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Through several years of working with Garant to deploy various solutions, we have a deep understanding of Garant’s business needs. Working from this knowledge, we are setting up our solutions so they’re ready to follow Garant into the digital future. It's not just integrating the Struct PIM solution with their ERP system - we are also ready to integrate it with a future Commerce solution.

On top of that, we are basing our implementation of Struct PIM on intuitive processes, and a user experience that makes it easy to Garant to work with the system going forward. As a result Garant can dispense with lengthy training sessions, which bolsters their productivity in the moment, and sets them up with a better approach down the line, when new employees need to be introduced to the system or new products need to be added.

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