Tracking throughout the value chain. PWA and Google Vision lead the way

The shipping company Unifeeder and Kraftvaerk have jointly developed a Progressive Web App (PWA) that allows them to track containers when they are delivered to and collected from customers. The solution completes Unifeeder’s tracking, which now happens throughout the entire value chain.

In numbers

Unifeeder is a large Danish shipping company that handles both maritime and land container transport. The company needs to be able to track the containers all the way from the manufacturer to delivery/pick-up at its customers. Unifeeder is already able to track containers at sea and in portbut gaps exist when it comes to tracking containers being transported by road. To close this gap, Unifeeder needed the right IT solution.

Progressive web app

A progressive web app (PWA) enables Unifeeder to track its containers when they are delivered to and picked up from customers.

Coded business logic and vision service

Using coded business logic and Google Vision, the PWA can identify the container’s unique number.

End-to-end tracking

Unifeeder can now track its containers throughout the value chain, paving the way for improved customer service and streamlining.

The choice fell on PWA

From the start, Unifeeder wanted a native app to help complete its container tracking. Kraftvaerk provided consultancy and feedback, and based on this, Unifeeder ended up choosing a progressive web app (PWA) for its tracking solutionPWA was the right choice for Unifeeder for several reasons:  

  • PWA does not require app installation, but can be accessed via domain/URL. This is perfect given that the solution is used by many different Unifeeder suppliers and subcontractors 
  • Easy maintenance and easy deployment of new versions without users having to update an app 
  • Faster development and lower development costs compared to native apps 
  • PWA imposes no device requirements, and can be accessed from all devices and operating systems, including iOS and Android 

At the end of 2019, we started talking to Kraftvaerk about a possible cooperation, where they would provide us with a tracking solution. From the very outset, it was clear that Kraftvaerk were good listeners and able to understand our needs and demands. The communication was straightforward and honest, which we appreciated. Kraftvaerk gave us good advice and helpful ideas based on their extensive experience and know-how. They looked beyond the initial phase, and stressed the importance of the choices we needed to make now and their importance for future requirements.

— Kristoffer Nørby Sørensen, IT Manager, Integrations, Unifeeder A/S

Accuracy in decoding container numbers with Google Vision

Each container is tracked and recognised by its unique container number. It sounds simple. But the task is complex. A container has many different numbers written on its sides. The numbers are written horizontally, vertically, and are often spread over several lines and across other numbers and texts. The PWA which was developed uses Google Vision in combination with business logic encoded by Kraftvaerk. Together, they can decode the unique container number based on an image of the container. The combination of Google Vision and the business logic developed by Kraftvaerk provides a high level of reliability in terms of correctly decoding container numbers from an image of the container. 

The solution which has been supplied meets all our requirements, and UX is better than expected. We are very happy with the result. For my part, it has been a pleasure working with Kraftvaerk. The developed PWA was delivered on time and at the agreed cost. I have every faith in Kraftvaerk and their professionalism, and I certainly see them as a partner we can turn to for similar solutions in future. Definitely worth a recommendation.

— Kristoffer Nørby Sørensen, IT Manager, Integrations, Unifeeder A/S

Cloud services combined

In addition to using Google Vision, a cloud service provided by Google Cloud Platform, the PWA works against residual APIs in Azure API Management. The PWA solution therefore reveals the strength of combining the best services across different cloud providers. The solution thus supports Unifeeders desire to introduce more business logic to the Azure cloud. 

Putting customers first

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