Kraftvaerk becomes part of Digital Dogme

We've joined an alliance - a coalition of companies that foster growth, innovation, and job creation in Denmark. Our decision to join Digital Dogme stems from our desire to address the critical shortage of digital skills in Denmark and our desire to uphold Denmark as a beacon within digital growth and business development.


"As a digital consultancy, we recognise our significant role in shaping Denmark's digital development. This includes not only the solutions we craft and the technologies we employ, but also the continual enhancement of our employees' digital competencies. We believe that by engaging with Digital Dogme, we can both learn from others and contribute our expertise to furthering Denmark's digital future," says Andreas Straarup, CEO of Kraftvaerk A/S.


The rapid advancement of AI technology underscores the relevance of Digital Dogme. If we are to succeed and not be left behind in the AI race, it's imperative that we learn to use AI and understand its potential for driving business and societal advancement. Access to such knowledge is pivotal for Denmark's digital progress, and as a company, we are eager to play our part in this endeavour.

At Kraftvaerk, we’re very inspired by how we can leverage generative AI to innovate services for our clients. And we are very motived by creating this connection between technology and business and see it as a great responsibility that we’re a part of carrying.


Read more about Digital Dogme (in Danish):