What if you were a part of the development.

We always look forward to welcoming new faces, passionate about developing high-quality IT solutions: Developers, architects, project managers, business developers, student assistants and generally decent and highly skilled people who contribute with value for Kraftvaerk and for our clients. Your personal development is an ongoing thing – day after day, week after week and year after year. See your career opportunities here.

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Kraftvaerk: Your development in focus.

At Kraftvaerk we take responsibility for our employees and their development. Both for the sake of the employee, but also for the sake of Kraftvaerk. We believe that continues learning, curiosity and development ensures motivated employees and a healthy company. Therefore, we have developed various initiatives:

We do not want to isolate ourselves in a self-sufficient perception of our own worth, but to link research, technology, design and craftsmanship. Our solutions are simple and concrete. Design follows function. We want to incorporate business and technology in en entity where function and user experience are part of a 'comprehensive solution', designed by professionals in collaboration across disciplines

— Manifesto 2004. , Written by Otto Andersen, founder and managing director, Kraftvaerk

Do you want to develop solutions that you can be proud of? Send us your application.

At Kraftvaerk we are confirmed every single day in our belief that knowledge matters. Thus, we are always curious to meet new people who know something, and who wish to use their skills for something meaningful. Do you want to be a part of developing solid solutions that you can be proud of having developed? Do you wish to be part of a workplace that attends to your development and offers you a career path? Then keep an eye on our job postings on this website, or send us an application at apply@kraftvaerk.com. We look forward to sitting down for a cup of coffee with you.

1 brand.

Kraftvaerk is a solid brand, well established in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Helsinki, Stockholm and St. Petersburg. You will be able to work across markets and cultures. You will be offered postings and work outside of your country's borders. Of course, to the extent we can, keeping the environment in mind.

4 countries.

Some start up in a garage, we started in a basement in the Copenhagen neighbourhood of Vesterbro. Today, we have offices in four countries and create solutions that reach far beyond that. However, the manifesto that linked everything together is intact and unchanged. Synergy between people, available data and connected systems, speak a language that everyone understands – and that everyone can use.

5 offices.

Specifically, this means having five offices working together on a daily basis. Our teams exceed national borders, we have virtual meetings in the calendar, and shared events. Distance is no obstacle in the digital age, when the code word is know-how.

100 clients.

The more possibilities, the higher complexity, the greater the need for help from a company like ours with the technological overview. Currently, we simplify the everyday lives of more than 100 private and public clients, both Danish and international.

150 people.

First and foremost – Kraftvaerk is about people. Our mentoring program ensures you a strong footing from the beginning, with 150 colleagues at your side. You get the best conditions for learning as much as possible – regardless of where you may be on the career ladder.


Together with our clients, we translate questions into answers and concrete solutions. We have helped develop numerous corporate websites, self-service applications, PIM integrations, cloud services and other technological business processes. Always with future requirements in mind.

Would you like to join us on our journey?