Master Class. Learning on the programme

A tailor-made internal training programme for our employees.

Learning, development and networking

As a Kraftvaerk employee, your skills will be strengthened and trained via the Kraftvaerk Master Class – a tailor-made and personal training course which focuses on your professional and personal skills. The Master Class is based on a basic training in project and delivery models in Kraftvaerk. The Master Class then continues as a series of training courses that support our career paths. As you develop, you design your own training course according to your wishes. In the Master Class, you will be joined by colleagues from our offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Lisbon and Stockholm. You will therefore find yourself collaborating and learning with other skilled specialists and consultants from different countries and cultures. Therefore, the Master Class also gives you the opportunity to strengthen your personal network across the company. 

We combine creativity and strong craftsmanship, and we want to attract skilled people as developers and instructors. We do not want to isolate ourselves in a self-sufficient perception of our own worth, but to forge links between research, technology, design and craftsmanship.

— Manifesto 2004., Otto Andersen, founder & CEO, Kraftvaerk

Development takes time

The Master Class was established to create the time and space for learning and development. The courses are facilitated by experienced Kraftvaerk employees as well as external instructors. 

Would you like to join us on our journey?


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