Mentor & Mentee.

We ensure you have a good start at Kraftvaerk and a quality sparring partner in your career development.

Kraftvaerk Mentor Programme.

At Kraftvaerk we have established a mentor programme to ensure quality on-boarding of new employees and to ensure the development of current employees. We believe that mentoring is a developing collaboration between two people with different experiences, but where both can achieve new learning, new insights and personal growth.


Our mentor programme means that you, as a new employee at Kraftvaerk, are never alone. You get a mentor who will follow you in your learning and who you can confer with. Your mentor helps ensure that you thrive and are in personal and professional development. As a mentee you will focus especially on your own goals, receiving support and advice from your mentor.


A mentor is a person who, through greater experience at Kraftvaerk – and in general – can help his or her mentee with knowledge and insight on topics such as professional development and career-related issues. A mentor is in continuous training observing, listening, asking good questions and combining new insights. The mentor role also provides an opportunity for developing leadership.

We are an apprenticeship, not just a consultancy company. A melting pot where 'masters' and 'apprentices' work on an equal footing according to solid principles, values and guidelines.

— Otto Andersen CEO, Kraftvaerk Manifesto 2004

We all have a great responsibility.

As a company and as colleagues, we all have a great responsibility, which is about helping each other, getting each individual to grow and creating joy, enthusiasm and motivation.

Would you like to join us on our journey?