Mentor & Mentee.

We ensure you get off to a good start at Kraftvaerk, and a conscientious sparring partner for your career development.

Kraftvaerk mentor programme

At Kraftvaerk, we have established a mentor programme to ensure the high-quality on-boarding of new employees as well as the development of current employees. We believe that mentoring is a developmental collaboration between two people with different experiences, but where both can acquire new knowledge, new insights and personal growth. 


Our mentor programme means that, as a new Kraftvaerk employee, you will never feel alone. You will be assigned a mentor who will follow your development and provide help and advice when necessary. Your mentor will help ensure that you thrive and continue to develop, both personally and professionally. As a mentee, you will focus in particular on your own goals while receiving support and advice from your mentor.


A mentor is a person who, through the experience they have acquired at Kraftvaerk and elsewhere, can provide his or her mentee with know-how and insights on different topics such as their professional development and career-related issues. A mentor is trained to observe, listen, ask relevant questions and combine new insights. The mentor role also provides the mentor with an opportunity to develop their management skills.

We are a training place, not just a consultancy company. A melting pot, where ‘masters’ and ‘apprentices’ work on an equal footing according to solid principles, values and guidelines.

— Otto Andersen, founder & CEO, Kraftvaerk Manifesto 2004

We are all responsible

As a company and as colleagues, we must all take responsibility – to help each other, to ensure that each person is able to grow, and to create an environment that fosters joy, enthusiasm and motivation. 

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