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Our employees are at the heart of everything we do at Kraftvaerk. We all contribute to the sense of team spirit, to development within the company and to our success. For the sake of each individual employee, for our clients and for Kraftvaerk. Through a range of employee testimonials, we provide an insight into our daily working lives, as told by different employees with different roles, positions in the hierarchy and educational backgrounds. Welcome.


Meet your senior consultant 

Mark Wulff is a senior consultant who has worked at Kraftvaerk since he graduated from the University of Copenhagen with an MSc in Computer Science in 2018. Mark says, “An MSc in Computer Science is a very theoretical study programme, and there is an expectation that all the practical skills which are required are something that you pick up along the way.” Therefore, it was important for Mark to find a workplace which could embrace the fact that he was very keen to both improve his theoretical knowledge and learn the practical aspects of the job.  

“I chose Kraftvaerk because the company offers a happy medium. We visit clients a couple of days a week to discuss matters with them face to face, but at the same time we have an informal office environment which allows us to talk to colleagues working on different projects about how to solve particular problems. It’s very important that we have an office – a base – which you can return ‘home’ to. There is a lot of focus on supporting the strong culture of professional development within the company, which is also very inspiring. So there are excellent opportunities for skills development at Kraftvaerk. And that’s what made me choose the company.”  

Mark mainly works on an OKQ8 solution, but he has also been posted for 3-4 months to Industriens Pension, which administers pensions for industrial employees. He was eased into the job initially, working on a small and specific part of the OKQ8 solution, while slowly being allowed to develop more complex solutions. With time, Mark has become a team lead, as he now has considerable experience with the solution as a whole. “It’s incredibly exciting being a team lead and being given more responsibility. No two working days are the same. On Monday I might be in the office looking at connection problems to a server in a production environment, and the next day I could be discussing a new integration for a partner with whom we’re going to be doing a joint project.”  

“On the OKQ8 solution we work ‘agilely’, which means that it’s not possible to apply any of the methods I learned at university to the task. You only learn that once you are out in the real world.”  

At Kraftvaerk, the employees are divided between three different areas: e-commerce, portals and cloud solutions. Each area is comprised of several smaller project teams. Mark says, “It’s important to have a base, like the office and one of the three areas, so you can share your knowledge. Some of what I’ve learned from working on a project for Royal Greenland I’ve used for the OKQ8 solution. We like taking the experience we’ve gained from one project and applying it to another because sometimes there is a good idea which can usefully inspire us, and this is where ‘best practice’ comes into play.”    

In Mark’s project team, there is also a manager, five developers and a tester. “It’s interesting to be on an internationally diverse team, and it’s fun to be working with other nationalities as they provide different takes on things. I also got to know many of my foreign colleagues through Master Class.”  

Master Class is a tailor-made in-house training programme at Kraftvaerk. “I see Master Class as a tool for aligning our processes and project management, as well as the approach we take to our clients. Kraftvaerk’s Master Class is a tool for ensuring that these processes fall into place for both old and new employees. Master Class presents employees with some interesting challenges that closely reflect the sort of things we encounter in our daily working lives. There are also afternoon social events that help to bring us closer together as colleagues across the different offices.  

At Kraftvaerk, we set great store by being experts at what we do, but we also go to great lengths to avoid being simply ‘drones’ who arrive for work, perform our tasks, and then go home again. A lot is done to ensure that we get on well socially given that we spend so many hours each day at the office.”  

Mark ends by saying: “Kraftvaerk is undergoing continual development which is driven by passion. It feels great to be part of it.”  

- Mark Wulff 


Meet your senior consultant 

“I came straight to Kraftvaerk from Aalborg University. Like many new graduates, I was very excited about finding a job and embarking on a career. At Kraftvaerk, I quickly found my feet. I was attached to a mentor who I could go to for support, use as a sounding board and learn from. It was incredibly rewarding for me and my development. I worked on projects with other developers who told me how to do things – and what not to do. I discovered there was plenty of time for learning and discussing, and I was soon given more responsibility. On smaller projects I was allowed to specify tasks and conduct discussions with the client. However, this happened in close dialogue with two senior colleagues, who were always there to step in if necessary. Next, I was allowed to run smaller projects where I had to stand on my own two feet. It was a steep learning curve. I knew that I always had a safety net in the form of helpful colleagues in the background while being allowed to tackle challenges that increased my skills set. Both professional and personal.  

Today, I play a key role as a team lead on projects. I’m responsible for UX and front-end development, and I advise our clients on technical solutions which can help develop their business. The projects range from corporate websites to larger e-commerce solutions and business-critical solutions, where I help companies optimise their internal business processes. I work with some of the latest technologies within front-end web development. These include Vue.js, Single Page Applications, Progressive Web Apps and many others.  

I also greatly appreciate the social life at work, and it contributes significantly to my job satisfaction that I’m surrounded by good colleagues. It also helps, of course, that we have interesting projects and clients. There is no doubt that I’ve been able to influence my own development and career at Kraftvaerk. Perhaps because I’ve shown that I can shoulder responsibility and execute the tasks. As a new graduate, I think it’s important that one dares to embrace the challenges that come your way, and drive things forward, even though you might be operating in uncharted waters. Kraftvaerk at least makes it possible, because there are so many opportunities for sparring and being able to draw on all the expertise around you.”   

- Nikolaj Lund Jensen


Meet your e-commerce specialist

E-commerce is an area which has evolved greatly, and where development continues to be rapid. When we develop e-commerce projects at Kraftvaerk, Im part of the process all the way. From initial client meetings and describing the solution to going live. I excel when the job involves large volumes of data and integrations. This is where I form a general picture of how the clients data is best transported between the various systems. As an e-commerce specialist, I have a foresight for new projects, improvements and further development. It is my responsibility that the overall technical solution – i.e. performance, security, integrations, features and functionalities – are implemented to a high quality. When I develop, I focus on what I see in front of me. I clarify the clients challenges and produce an effective solution. I have, for example, helped develop e-commerce solutions for Flügger, Eva Solo and Garrets. 

I have a very interesting job because I’m involved in different projects. This keeps me motivated. In addition, one of the most important things for me is that I can influence my own role and development at Kraftvaerk. If I want to try out something new, there’s the space and scope for me to do so. There’s considerable freedom here. Another important aspect is that I’m surrounded by highly professional and friendly colleagues who all inspire one another. In my role, I also act as a mentor for other developers on the team. It’s important for me to be able to help them move and develop in the direction they want to go.” 

- Kim Fischer Lassen

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