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The cornerstone in Kraftvaerk is our employees. We are all con tributing to create teamwork, development and success. Both for the individual employee, for our clients and for Kraftvaerk. Through a range of employer stories, we give insight to our everyday life told by different employees with different roles, seniority and education. Welcome.

Meet your e-commerce specialist

"E-commerce is an area that has evolved greatly, and where development continues to be rapid. When we develop e-commerce projects at Kraftvaerk, I'm part of the process all the way. From initial client meetings, to describing the solution to going live. I excel when it comes to large amounts of data and integrations. This is where I form an overall image of how the client's data is best transported between the various systems. As an e-commerce specialist, I possess a foresight for new projects, improvements and further development. It is my responsibility that the overall technical solution, that is performance, security, integrations, features and functionalities are implemented with high quality. When I develop, I focus on reality. I make the client's challenges concrete and produce a solution that overcomes them. I have, for example, helped develop e-commerce solutions for Fl├╝gger, Eva Solo and Garrets.

What helps make my everyday routines exciting is that I participate in various projects. That keeps me motivated. In addition, one of the most important things for me is that I can influence my own role and development at Kraftvaerk. If I want to try out something new, there's scope and room for me to do so. There's a lot of freedom here. Another important thing is that I am surrounded by a high level of professionalism and good companionship among colleagues where we inspire one another. In my role, I also act as a mentor to other developers in the team. It is important for me to help move and develop them in the direction they want to go."

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