Alka. Focus on digital customer solutions

For several years, Alka has focused on digitalising its customer dialogue, and Kraftvaerk has the pleasure of contributing to this by providing consultancy and technical implementation. The insurance company’s strong focus on the customer experience resulted in Alka winning the award for Best Digital Customer Solution among financial companies in Denmark.

In figures

Alka, like most insurance companies, is a far-reaching enterprise operating in a complicated domain, where the technical stack ranges from older core systems to the most modern, digital interface on the customers browser, and which functions across multiple devices. The collaboration between Alka and Kraftvaerk focuses on making the most of the insurance companys technical set-up, thereby improving the customer experience. Kraftvaerk is contributing to the development of the customer-facing front end, the development of Sitecore applications, the improvement of Sitecore architecture, the building of a standardised approach to DevOps and providing technical advice on mobile applications. 

Improved functionality

Alka’s business and customers are benefiting from the improvements which have been made to their car calculator, campaign modules, tracking, chat, contact modules and the customer universe MitAlka.

Stable Sitecore and DevOps

Reviewing the Sitecore platform and continuous upgrades ensures the stability, performance and security of Alka’s Sitecore solution, just as further standardising the approach to DevOps is enabling Alka to release solutions with a steady hand.

Top-notch customer experience

Alka’s focus on digitalisation and innovative solutions won them awards when the Digital Finance Companies of the Year were named, and in this context panel surveys awarded Alka top marks for its customer universe MitAlka and its focus on innovation.

A strong customer universe

In the customer universe, it is now possible for customers to decide for themselves whether they want to change the individual insurance policys terms to match the latest offers in the field or to stick with their existing terms. It’s a solution that creates transparency and the possibility of increased freedom of choice for the customer – when and where it applies. Similarly, customers can choose other payment frequencies and payment methods, for example the Danish mobile payment solution MobilePay. This means that customers get the best value for money and can pay in instalments, depending on what suits them best. 

Sitecore lifted to next level

As part of Alkas agile teams, Kraftvaerk is developing the functionality that creates most value for Alkas business and customers. In addition, Kraftvaerk is also part of Alkas architecture team, which focuses on improving stability in the Sitecore platform through monitoring and reviewing logs and key figures, upgrading Sitecore in terms of security and performance, and upgrading Alkas DevOps set-up. 

Through its work, Kraftvaerk has played a key role in improving how we use Sitecore, as well as optimising our environments and our DevOps set-up.

— Ann-Karina Fly-Hansen, Vice President of Customer Facing Digitisation, Alka

Improving the front end

Kraftvaerk is working on a number of the Alka solutions that customers use when accessing Alka digitally. Under this framework, Kraftvaerk provides development work on existing solutions in Angular, but also on solutions for Alkas path towards VueJS. Overall, Kraftvaerk has helped ensure that Alka is leading the way in shifting customers towards mobile devices. 

Close and agile cooperation

Consultancy and development take place in close cooperation. Kraftvaerk is a regular part of the insurance companys agile set-up, and is directly involved in the agile teams on-site at Alka. 

Kraftvaerk has been working with us for a long time, and has played an active and dedicated role in our agile teams. The focus has been on further developing digital services for our customers, specifically in the areas that create added value. The Kraftvaerk employees have been very popular, and they understand how to participate and collaborate in a way that matches our organisation, business and customers.

— Ann-Karina Fly-Hansen, Vice President of Customer Facing Digitisation, Alka

Advice via mobile apps

Out of a desire to present all the various possibilities offered by mobile apps, Kraftvaerk advises the insurance company on what is currently possible within the field of mobile development. The advice is based on Alkas own experience and business. For example, Kraftvaerk advises on how technical capabilities (native apps, hybrid apps, HTML5 solutions etc.) open doors while limiting functionality, and how the various technical options greatly affect time-to-market, skills requirements, costs and flexibility in functionality. 

Putting customers first

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VP​ of Engagement

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