Strong product data strengthens the core of Garant’s on-line business. 

Garant, which supplies floorings and blinds, has implemented Struct PIM with Kraftvaerk in order to gather product data in a single system and to simplify product processes.

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Garant’s specific goal has been to minimise manual workflows and product handling. Another focus area has been optimising the company’s on-line business and sales.  

Therefore, they implemented Struct PIM. The platform digitalises the processes, optimises the way in which human resources are used while ensuring consistent data management across the organisation.

Digitalised process

Previously, Garant handled its product data manually across different product groups and departments within the organisation. Now, there is a single PIM system which collects and manages product data, and which is integrated with a tailored structure in Navision.  

Streamlined product flow

Garant benefits from a consistent flow, which ensures that data is handled uniformly across the organisation. At the same time, the platform opens up the possibility of enriching products with data where needed. An efficient product flow focuses on all stages of product creation – from when data is delivered, enriched and published. Garant has gained control over the product experience across all channels and languages.

Faster time to market

By implementing PIM, Garant can reduce the time to market, as it is able to work with product data at an earlier stage of the product creation process. The company is able to enrich product data in parallel with publishing products. Efficient product handling ensures quick customer access.

Implementing Struct PIM, where product data is collected in one place  Digitalised product management supports Garant’s business

Digitalised product management supports Garant’s business.  

Relevant and insightful product data is the key to increased and consistent cross-channel sales. Descriptive content and detailed product descriptions facilitate decision-making for the customer. Accordingly, Kraftvaerk has implemented Struct PIM to handle product data and make it easier and faster for Garant to handle products from the outset.  


Process optimisation across the organisation.  

A key focus has been minimising manual workflows at Garant while simultaneously optimising the company’s future product management.  

Together, we reviewed the different roles and requirements – who should work in the system, as well as how and why. By creating a clear overview of who is responsible for the different products and when, it became possible to create simple workflows.  


Proper use of PIM.  

As part of the solution, Kraftvaerk and Garant have together facilitated training and exercises in the system. Kraftvaerk acted as consultants, providing support and input where required. This ensured that the entire organisation could see the value of the process, while continually acquiring insights into what was needed when working with products. An ongoing exercise that instils a sense of ownership and consolidates the company across the various departments.  

Implementing the first PIM system in an organisation requires a clear overview, structure and good knowledge of the data. We already had some of this ourselves, but what we didn’t have was a company we could use as a professional soundboard and which quickly understood our business and our needs. A partner that not only undertakes a job for a fee, but which approaches the task with commitment, passion and outstanding skills is worth its weight in gold.

— Lise-Lotte Hansen, Projektchef, Inbogulve amba – Garant &

Simplified product handling

Kraftvaerk was responsible for the technical development and implementation of Struct PIM.  

The platform is integrated with Navision/ERP, and is ready to be integrated with a future Commerce solution. The choice of platform was based on an analysis of Garant’s business as well as its technical and organisational needs. In addition, Kraftvaerk focused on the overall business case – including Garant’s future goals, wishes for its on-line presence and the needs of its customers.

I’ve really enjoyed working with Kraftvaerk, and felt completely confident and calm throughout the ENTIRE process. It would give me the greatest pleasure to embark on another project with Kraftvaerk. They can take much of the credit for the fact that we have succeeded with the project to everyone’s immense satisfaction.

— Lise-Lotte Hansen, Projektchef, Inbogulve amba – Garant &

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