One shared career site strengthens Danish military

The Danish Defence Personnel organisation has, together with Kraftvaerk, developed a career site that attracts more visitors by uniting everything from the Defence Department's education programmes to senior career paths. The secret weapon is better integration of data.

In numbers

There is competition for skilled labour in Denmark. This is a challenge that The Danish Defence Personnel organisation recognise. That's why they have now developed and implemented a new career site that provides significantly better insight into education and career opportunities in the Defence Department. It works as intended.

One shared site

Before, there were five different websites. Now one website brings together all the career opportunities in the Danish Defence Department from conscription to the title of major. Useful for the single individual. Resource optimization for the Defence Department. Good for Denmark.

One comprehensive overview

A custom-built Career Overview shows both the military and civilian career paths in the Defence Department. Civil doctors, chefs, engineers, etc. can now more easily get an overview of the Defence Department's many career possibilities. That is clever, if you want to attract and retain manpower.

Simplified user journey

New architecture and new design developed from various user profiles means that the site is now aimed at both young people seeking new education programmes, people job hunting and current employees who want to continue their careers in the Defence Department.

Data-driven personalisation ensures relevance

What do you want to be? Most of us have asked ourselves that question many times through the course of our lives. Based on data-driven personalisation and optimised navigation, it is now much easier to get answers and an overview of education and career opportunities in the Defence Department. Whether you are a young person finding out what the rest of your career is going to be about, whether you want to replace your civil career with a military career in the Danish military, or whether you want to take the next step on the career ladder with a job in the Danish Defence Department. Because the data on the site is structured so the IT solution provides an overview of the many education and career opportunities offered by the Danish Defence Department.

We now have a functional and future-proof career site, and this is largely due to the joint efforts of The Danish Defence Personnel organisation and Kraftvaerk. We trust Kraftvaerk's performance, and they meet us with professional and objective sparring. Our cooperation is smooth and we appreciate Kraftvaerk's approach. We look forward to developing the career site together.

— Marianne Pii Behrens, Marketing Consultant, The Danish Defence Personnel organisation.

Career overview binds together the data

The new career site includes a number of custom-built features. Including a career overview showing the military and civilian career paths in the Defence Department. It sounds simple, but it requires technical skill to properly enter it into the system when you, like the Defence Department, provide more than 40 different training programmes in a large company of just over 20,000 employees across all conceivable disciplines. So the Defence Department needs to attract and retain many different groups, including skilled psychologists, HR employees, chefs, engineers, office workers, IT supporters, recruits/conscripts and soldiers.

The way Kraftvaerk has handled a large and sometimes bureaucratic organisation like the Defence Department shows skills in manoeuvring in a politically managed organisation, and it strengthens us in the assumption that we have chosen the right partner for developing and maintaining the career site in the future.

— Marianne Pii Behrens, Marketing Consultant, The Danish Defence Personnel organisation.

In the cloud with the Defence Department

Kraftvaerk is responsible for the technical development and implementation of the career site, which is based on Episerver DXC, the cloud version of Episerver CMS. The platform is suited for continuous expansion as the Defence Department upgrade more of their IT solutions to the cloud. The choice of a CMS platform is based on an analysis of the business needs of the Danish Defence Personnel organisation that they have compiled in collaboration with Kraftvaerk. The visual expression establishes the Defence Department as a modern workplace with action, intensity and seriousness and ensures interaction with the Danish Defence Personnel organisation’s other campaign activities.

Shall we develop together?

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