Optimizely’s Opticon 2023: Mastering Marketing Success with the right DXP 

In the fast-paced world of Martech (or Marketing technology), it’s often about keeping pace and executing faster and faster while staying in control over countless tasks. A sometime thankless job.

Again, this year we took part in Optimizely's flagship event, Opticon, where we not only discovered inspiration, but also a power on how to create competitive marketing success with the right DXP (Digital Experience Platform).

Key takeaways that will inspire and enhance your approach to DXP

Here's our key take-aways from Opticon 2023:

In marketing it can be a struggle to craft compelling ideas with limited budgets while having dozens of stakeholders. And of course, the endless approval rounds where you have to fix that “one pointy thing in the hero image” 5 min. before the campaign launch. That’s why we're the biggest fans of data and making things simple, cutting down the nonsense meetings and getting things done to create marketing success. Opticon showcased opportunities in DXP that help marketers to do exactly that.

Transformative Power of Digital Opportunities

So, what is DXP? Optimizely's Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is a solution that goes beyond traditional Content Management Systems (CMS) by offering a versatile suite of tools for creating, managing, and optimising digital experiences across various channels.

Originally known for its CMS capabilities, Optimizely has evolved into a DXP to meet the modern requirements of businesses seeking a unified platform for content creation, personalisation, experimentation, and optimisation.

To sum it up, marketing success isn't just about making informed decisions, but it's about optimising user experiences and gaining a competitive advantage.

During the first breakout session in Opticon, we really connected with these practical tips:

  • Maintain consistency, engage in experimentation

  • Dismantle silos

  • Surpass expectations

  • Continuously test and try

  • Subtract and eliminate for improvement—avoid introducing additional projects

Particularly, the final point emphasised the importance of subtraction when facing a problem, urging us to resist the temptation of adding to the complexity. It's easy to add more pieces to the puzzle when things get tough, but what if the problem is that the puzzle already has too many pieces?

Opticon's focus on simplicity was evident in every discussion, bringing forth simple and elegant solutions without making things too complex. Whether delving into business competitiveness, content management evolution, content supply chain optimisation, or the empowerment of marketing teams, we believe that this can help improve ways of work for many of our clients as well.

A Stress-Relief Pill for Marketers

Often marketers wear multiple hats, juggling numerous requests and stakeholders. While no tool can solve every problem, streamlining workflows and cutting down the tools and systems portfolio can be a fantastic starting point.

And by streamlining workflows we mean e.g. that you don’t have to send materials by email back and forth or get last comments from a stakeholder you never knew was part of the approval chain.

Imagine managing all your marketing campaigns’ action points and approvals in one tool, eliminating pointless meetings and allowing you to cut straight to the chase. At Opticon, Optimizely demoed their new operating system for marketing practitioners built on its industry-leading digital experience platform: Optimizely One

Witnessing the demo on creation, approval and testing of marketing campaigns in Optimizely One was pretty cool. And we’re quite excited about introducing these new features to our clients.

Data and design in DXP – how to make things easier

When we say easier, we don’t mean you have to do things faster so you can do more. In Martech easier is about cutting down interruptions and reducing the noise while staying in the flow. This is how it’s done in DXP, Optimizely One:

  • Create efficient workflows

    Streamline your processes for smoother operations. Create workflows that enhance efficiency and reduce the burdens of multitasking.

  • Cut down silos

    Break down barriers between teams for seamless collaboration. Create collaborative strategies, eradicating silos that hinder effective communication.

  • Utilise AI

    While AI might be a buzzword, Opticon highlighted its Optimizely One practical applications with Opal. With AI, you can gain valuable insights to inform decision-making and improve overall marketing strategies.

To conclude, Opticon's intersection of data and design was inspirational, offering practical solutions to the complexities of modern marketing success.

The event's focus on simplicity, streamlined workflows, collaborative strategies, and practical AI applications underscores its significance in empowering marketers through DXP.

As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of marketing and tech, Opticon provided valuable insights and tools for a more streamlined and efficient marketing journey and this is what we at Kraftvaerk are ready to support our ambitious clients with.

Want a demo?

If you’re interested in a demo that showcase Optimizely’s new all-in-one operating system for marketing, we’re ready to give you a tour.

Schedule your demo by contacting Reetta Peltonen, Engagement Director at Kraftvaerk - see information below.

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