Take control over your product data

Do you want to get in control of your product data? Then you should look into PIM. And once you've fallen in love with all the possibilities, we can implement a PIM solution that suits your needs and your business.

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<h1>Take control over your <span class="text-athletic-green">product data</span></h1>
<p>Do you want to get in control of your product data? Then you should look into PIM. And once you've fallen in love with all the possibilities, we can implement a PIM solution that suits your needs and your business.</p>

Create a uniform product and brand experience

The increasing demand for product information places a heavy burden on retail businesses. The time and resources required to manage this data are substantial. To truly maximize business value, it is crucial to reallocate these resources towards growth-oriented activities that drive innovation.

Whether you want control over the products in your e-commerce solution, physical store, print catalogues or you marketplaces in Google Shopping or Amazon, Product Information Management (PIM) makes it easy to maintain your product portfolio across all channels and create a consistent product and brand experience.

PIM enables marketing to deliver consistent and rich product information through the ability to combine product information, marketing information and digital media such as images, video and product documents - thereby delivering product information across all high-quality channels.

Four PIM benefits you should know about

  • 01. Mass updates and search engines via PIM streamline work on product data

    A PIM system handles millions of products and variants and is 'best-in-class' in terms of ease of use and speed in working with your product data. The system has a number of features that make daily PIM work a good and efficient experience. For example, StructPIM provides a powerful tool for mass-updating product information on thousands of products and variants in a single workflow. It also provides a powerful and smart search engine to easily and quickly find the products you need to work with. With a KPI dashboard you get visualized the quality (and lack thereof) of your product data. To-do lists provide a clear and easily accessible overview of the tasks you need to perform.

  • 02. A PIM solution that fits your products

    One of the great strengths of a PIM system is that you can make adjustments in the product model yourself without having to contact the PIM supplier. Within minutes you can add extra attributes to products or create new sales hierarchies and organize your products specifically for your target groups.

    It is possible to share the work on multiple hands and become more efficient - or invite product subcontractors into the system and let them help enrich your products.

  • 03. PIM simplifies the work with product images and product catalogue

    PIM systems often hold a complete integrated media bank, which supports drag-and-drop, automatic control of focus points in images with automatic cropping of images for different devices and media. And often it is also possible to use external media systems. Additionally, PIM systems also have integrated directory modules that you can use to automatically generate PDF catalogues with your products.

  • 04. PIM plays well with the entire organisation's IT systems

    PIM systems have a standard and well-documented API that allows you to integrate your organisation's IT systems and other inbound and outbound channels for product data. In addition, product information can be imported and exported in Excel or XML out of the box.

    PIM systems can be hosted both in the cloud as a managed SaaS and on-premise in your own data center.

    However, unlike many other PIM systems, StructPIM has a 100% transparent and well-defined pricing model including the price of StructPIM as a managed SaaS solution. And in the pricing model, there are no restrictions on the number of users or the number of inbound and outbound channels in StructPIM.

How to get started

It is strategically essential to deliver the right, relevant and enriching product data and product experiences to your customer, because it allows them to make the right purchasing decisions.

We have partnered with two strong PIM providers: StructPIM and inriver 

A good way to get started with PIM is to see and test a PIM system with your own products. Start by setting aside 2 hours for a demo of StructPIM or inriver and let's help you get started.

10 good reasons to implement PIM

10 good reasons to implement PIM

Many companies have seen the value of PIM - a system that helps companies achieve centralised and efficient management of product information. Especially relevant, if you want to provide superior product experiences, enable multichannel commerce and boost operational efficiency and cost savings - to mention a few...  

Make product processes more efficient with PIM

Make product processes more efficient with PIM

Streamline, improve and automate your product process with PIM - a product information management system.

Kraftvaerk becomes inRiver platinum partner

Kraftvaerk becomes inRiver platinum partner

Our experience and countless inRiver PIM implementation across the Nordic region as made us platinum partner.