New corporate website retains members

Together with Business Danmark, our developers built a new corporate website which was targeted and adapted to the most discerning and knowledgeable members of the trade union. The platform ensures professional development within sales and marketing while increasing the appeal of Business Danmark.

Performance optimisation

Business Danmark’s new corporate website has been thoroughly revised, and is now performing seven times faster than the original site.

Increased visitor time

Many more members of the union are now making use of Business Danmark’s professional services. The length of their visits has also increased, by an average of 3 minutes.

More conversions

Due to increased speed and improved functionality, the number of aborted sign-ups has been reduced by approx. 50%.

Through a close and strong collaboration with our partners, we have achieved a result we can be proud of, and one that we expect great things from in the coming years. Moreover, it was delivered on time and to budget!

— Michael Godt, Team leader, Marketing, UX and web, Business Danmark

Members get their money’s worth in terms of know-how. And pages and pages of personalisation

It needs to be easy for members to see all the benefits of belonging to the trade union Business Danmark. That is why the new website is based on a me and my perspective, and meets the need for an individual user experience. A simple, personalised page structure also helps manage membership benefits, so each member can click their way to professional development, legal support, courses and e-books. One result has been that more members are taking advantage of Business Danmarks courses and the professional literature which is available in the new Commercial Academy digital space. Generally, members are staying on each page longer, and visiting the website more often and with a shorter frequency. 

Experience Business Danmark 

Business Danmark has launched a new strategy aimed at addressing the need for a commercial angle at several levels in society. Therefore, we have launched a new website to support the strategy and take us into the digital super league.

— Michael Godt, Team leader, Marketing, UX and web, Business Danmark

Putting customers first


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