Improved online loan solution secures business.

Resurs Bank offers smart payment and borrowing solutions to consumers and companies. Since 2014 Kraftvaerk and Resurs Bank has collaborated on maintenance and development of Resurs Bank’s online loan solutions on the Danish market.

Resurs Bank.

Resurs Bank has a universe of websites. The collaboration began as Resurs Bank was looking for a partner to help ensure high uptime and continuous improvements to drive their loan solutions forward. The challenge was a tight migration deadline, since Resurs Bank’s supplier had to terminate the agreement. The migration, including knowledge transfer, was finished according to plan.

Greater dealer network.

A new Umbraco solution for dealers enables Resurs Bank to centrally adjust loan rates, terms etc. This attracts more partners to Resurs Bank and increases the number of applications and leads.

High availability.

For Resurs Bank’s loan partners the availability of the online solutions is business critical. Therefore, a lot of focus has been on testing, operations planning and quick support in terms of incidents.

Ongoing development.

SMS notifications. Online application signing (Signicat). New Umbraco site. Together Resurs Bank and Kraftvaerk ensures development of business critical IT solutions.

Migration. From old to new server setup.

Kraftvaerk migrates Resurs Bank’s existing web solutions for online loan applications to a new server setup. The purpose is to fulfil Resurs Bank’s requirements for prompt service in case of production issues.

No matter the type of project, small or big, Kraftvaerk has delivered on time and according to the estimates with good project management and solution descriptions. It has been very appreciated in Resurs Bank and shows real professionalism.

— Laurent Rigaut, IT Site Manager, Resurs Bank (2020)

One website. Individual pages to all dealers.

Resurs Bank has a broad network of dealers who offers Resurs Bank’s loan application to customers buying products from the dealers (web)shops. Resurs Bank experiences a need to differentiate the loan application settings for the different dealers. Therefore, Kraftvaerk develops an Umbraco site that makes it possible for Resurs Bank to administrate the dealers individually with different available loan types and through visual adjustments to reflect the dealers’ colour and logo. This provides each dealer with a unique page, which can be integrated on the dealer’s website. The Umbraco site integrates with Resurs Bank’s banking solution to retrieve correct calculation of loan time and interest rates for each request.

Loan application websites.

Resurs Bank’s loan application websites consist of different parts:

  • An integration to Resurs Bank’s banking system
  • An administrative website for settings and log viewing
  • Customer-facing websites

Kraftvaerk does not wait for Resurs Bank to come with requests, but suggest changes and improvement continuously. This proactivity has been much appreciated and is in stark contrast to other vendors I have worked with.

— Laurent Rigaut, IT Site Manager, Resurs Bank (2020)

New development. Maintenance. Consultancy.

Kraftvaerk is responsible for any maintenance and new development of Resurs Bank's loan applications. Furthermore, Kraftvaerk has an important role in assisting Resurs Bank’s banking system partners with the loan applications.

Custom .NET and SQL-server.

Resurs Banks' websites are based on custom code on the .NET-framework and Umbraco with SQL-server databases. Integrations to external backend systems, Signicat and SMS notifications are based on .NET webservices.

Putting customers first.

Anders Olsson

Senior Manager