Royal Greenland – seafood to every dinner table.

Digitalizing the B2B sales process to bring more seafood at dinner tables around the world.

Royal Greenland.

Royal Greenland is one of the world's leading suppliers of seafood. Typically, Royal Greenland is associated with festive dinners, but the company also has a large B2B business area that sells seafood to food service customers and industrial companies around the world.

Royal Greenland, together with Kraftvaerk, streamlined their sales process and increased the awareness and availability of their products by digitalizing the B2B sales process and product catalog for industrial customers. With the new online catalog, the B2B sales process is shorter and product info is readily available to the global market.

Digitalization of the sales process.

Royal Greenland wanted to increase B2B sales by digitalizing their sales process and implementing a digital product catalog for industrial customers.

Product information.

The new online product catalog gives industrial customers a better overview of the available products and improves the availability of updated product information.

Simplified purchasing.

By digitalizing the sales process, Royal Greenland offers a better and faster shopping experience to its customers.

From phone calls to digital product catalogs.

Global seafood sales to industrial customers is a large business area to Royal Greenland. With the digital product catalog, Royal Greenland can reach B2B customers globally and offer them a wider range of products with up-to-date product information online.  

The product catalog, developed and implemented by Kraftvaerk, enables industrial customers to have a full overview of Royal Greenland’s products and product info within seafood. The digital catalog improves the customer experience by having filtering and search functionalities, and enabling customers to quickly search for suitable products and build their own product range for easy reorders.

Royal Greenland and Kraftvaerk have developed a new product database for industrial marine products on the company’s website. The purpose is to maintain product information in a customized and user-friendly tool that makes it easier for our industrial customers and Royal Greenland employees to find and share product information. The new product catalog is an integral part of our website and sales environment. We are able to support sales with the latest information and provide open access to the product range.

— Hanne Kvist, Director, Market Dev & Marketing, Royal Greenland

Enhancing digital sales of seafood.

Royal Greenland's new online product catalog has simplified the buying process for the company's industrial customers. The product catalog presents a wider selection of Royal Greenland's products, which increases not only availability and product awareness but also the opportunity to increase sales.

Kraftvaerk is a very competent partner for this kind of a reform. The skilled team has responded excellently to our needs and challenged us. They have the necessary skills and they solve tasks very professionally down to the last detail. Project management has been accurate and schedules have been kept.

— Hanne Kvist, Director, Market Dev & Marketing, Royal Greenland

SAP integration, Episerver and Azure.

The focal point of the new product catalog are the integration with SAP, from which product master data is retrieved, as well as the structure and enrichment of categorizations (eg images and product descriptions) in Episerver. The product catalog is hosted in Azure, where the integration logic for SAP is implemented with Azure Functions and data is stored in Azure. The front end application itself is developed in Angular SPA and embedded in Episerver. The product catalog's search engine, filter logic and routing are implemented directly in the front end, which ensures a fast user experience when Royal Greenland's customers use the solution.

Putting customers first.

Rasmus Hagemann

Director & Head of Cloud Solutions

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