Design thinking, user journeys and personalized user flows

By using design thinking methodologies we have created a website that supports the users of Suominen's new website and their journeys.


The new website supports Suominen’s vision to be the front runner for nonwoven innovation and sustainability

Suominen is a leading global supplier of nonwovens for wipes. The company’s vision is to be the front runner for nonwoven innovation and sustainability. To support its business strategy, Suominen went through an ambitious rebranding process during 2020. The brand renewal gave an excellent starting point for the new website and collaboration between Kraftvaerk and Suominen. The new was launched recently and by using design thinking methodologies we created a website that supports the users of the sites and their journeys. By working closely with the Suominen team we ensured that the new site reflects the global business needs supported by the Nordic brand. The new visual look and feel and the way the design set the new brand alive more than exceeded Suominen’s expectations.

Our collaboration with Kraftvaerk has been very positive and active from the beginning. Our ambitions were set high during the brand renewal, and it was great to see how it was implemented to the digital world with renewal. We have received positive feedback and look forward to continuing developing digital customer experience with Kraftvaerk

— Emilia Peltola, , Vice President, Communications, IR and Sustainability at Suominen

The expectations for the website design process were set high. The work started with defining the long-term ambition for the Suominen website. The needs of the website stakeholders and their user journeys were uncovered and defined. A vital part of the process was to create a product catalogue that improves the presentation of the various products. Through filtering and tags designed Suominen can create personalized user flows, improve the user experience, and increase conversion rates. The new website is developed on Optimizely DXP, and Kraftvaerk is supporting Suominen to utilize the modern features of the platform. Sustainability is an important focus area for companies in the nonwoven industry. The importance is reflected in Suominen’s vision and business strategy and with sustainability as a competitive edge the new design gives a prominent positioning to the area. The new website is only the beginning. The roadmap for is evolving as new needs arise from the business, but also from the other stakeholders.

We chose Kraftvaerk as they understood our needs and ambitions. The collaboration has been easy from day one and we have gained new ideas for our website. We have received positive reponses about the new website and have great plans for the future

— Julia Koivulanaho, Senior Specialist, Communications and Project Manager for renewal

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