Webshop makes fixing up your home easier.

jem & fix' biggest store is located online. Kraftvaerk has developed the e-commerce solution from the very first code.

In figures.

Since the first version of the e-commerce solution, Kraftvaerk has been jem & fix’ technical partner. And we continue the collaboration on the best of terms. The solid webshop paves the way for further Nordic growth.

Since 2009.

Since 2009, a fully automated webshop has made it easier to fix up your home yourself.

22 percent.

In 2018, the number of visitors increased by 22 percent.

33 percent.

In 2018 alone, turnover rose by 33 percent at jemogfix.dk.

Every other homeowner wants to build themselves. Kraftvaerk develops the best tool on the basis of know-how.

More and more people fix up their homes themselves. Roughly every other homeowner maintains and improves everything from floorboards to detached rafters themselves. And where do these eager-to-build Danes buy tools and building materials – cheapest and best? Being a Danish chain of low-cost building supply retailers, the answer was simple, and for over a decade jem & fix has offered a large and easily accessible selection online.

Zero manual administration. 100 percent digital order management.

That is how simply the task was expressed by jem & fix. A wide range of system integrations ensure that the webshop meets all expectations and needs. Today, all orders are stored digitally, all subcontractors send items directly to customers, and customers can always see, whether an item is in stock. How? Based on Umbraco, we integrate, among other things, the ERP system, the PIM system, freight suppliers, subcontractors and warehouse management systems, where packing lists and labels are handled.

When we say that we want to build Denmark's cheapest and best digital building supply market, Kraftvaerk know how to do it. They analyse our needs, integrate the necessary systems and quality assure again and again.

— Anna Lund Paludan, Marketing & E-commerce Manager, jem & fix A/S

The webshop creates growth by creating value.

At Kraftvaerk we are proud to have helped create the most visited store in the chain. The webshop is stable and running each and every day, and in 2018 revenue increased by 33 percent. In only a few years’ time, jemogfix.dk has become the chain's most successful store – measured in turnover – among all 119 stores in Denmark.

For more than 10 years, Kraftvaerk has helped us with technical solutions, so we can achieve our strategic business goals.

— Anna Lund Paludan, Marketing & E-commerce Manager, jem & fix A/S

The customer experience gets better when the digital and physical stores are connected.

Click, click, click. And go. Many customers research online and check that their favourite tools are in stock. Before they start the car! After jem & fix has become aware of this changed customer behaviour – it's not many years since the vast majority of purchases started in the physical store – it has become even more business-critical to ensure that the webshop shows the exact number of stock items in the nearest store in real time. The fully automated solution provides that information.

Another thing jem & fix focuses on is ensuring that there is optimal correlation between the physical and digital customer experience. Kraftvaerk also helps them achieve that.

Together with jem & fix, we make fixing up your home easier.

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Director & Head of E-commerce

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