Digitalising one of Denmark’s biggest DIY retailers

jem & fix

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<h1>Digitalising one of Denmark’s <span class="text-athletic-green">biggest DIY retailers </span></h1>
<p><span class="text-athletic-green">jem &amp; fix</span></p>


It’s a fact of life that DIY Danes, like most customers, are increasingly doing both their research and their shopping online, rather than in physical stores. For jem & fix, this necessitates adapting to the new market – and doing so in a way that achieves the optimal synergy between the webshop and the physical stores.

Two things are critical. On one hand, the experience of shopping online must be smooth and straightforward. On the other hand, the webshop must be accurate, so customers always have a clear idea of where something is available, and in what amounts. 


So, how are we meeting those needs? The solution we are providing jem & fix with is 100% automated. This means that the webshop always shows the actual amount of any given product in stock at the nearest store. Subcontractors for jem & fix send the item directly to the customer, with no risk of confusion.

Since 2009, the fully automated jem & fix store has made things easier for customers. The webshop has seen significant customer growth, and today it is the single biggest store for jem & fix in terms of revenue.


Given that modern customers do more and more of their shopping online, the challenge for jem & fix is relatively straightforward. A fully integrated online store, living up to the needs and requirements of the modern customer. The reality is that potential customers are spoilt for choice – if the webshop is slow and cumbersome, they are going to do their shopping somewhere else. 

The solution we are providing for jem & fix is a custom-made, fully automated system, easily understood and accessed by users. All orders are stored digitally, items are sent to the customer directly by the relevant subcontractor and everything is live updated to ensure that the customer always knows what’s in stock. 

Our partnership with jem & fix stretches back to 2009, where we initiate a digital partnership around the development, operation and maintenance of their webshop. Beginning in 2019, that responsibility also includes similar solutions in Norway and Sweden.

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Our custom-made e-commerce solution uses an Umbraco CMS-platform, with various integrations

  • ASPECT4, for the ERP- and inventory management system

  • Encode, for the product management system

  • Consignor, for the freight handling system

  • Fiftytwo, for the giftcard system

  • GLS and Post Nord, for distribution

  • Raptor, for the personalisation- and and recommendation system

  • NetAxept, for the payment solution

  • Pricerunner, for their price comparison system

With a stable, smoothly running platform, jem & fix is able to compete at high speeds, meeting the modern customer where and when they are. Why are we so confident about that? Because the market reflects it. Since we began our partnership with jem & fix in 2009, we can see that they have grown into one of the largest DIY suppliers in Denmark, with a significant presence in both Norway and Sweden.

We are quite proud to help make the jem & fix online store the single biggest store, of the chain’s more than 100 stores, based on revenue. All the while making life easier for DIY customers everywhere.

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