Over 100 years of insurance history now have a new corporate website.

With a history spanning more than 100 years, it's no wonder that one of the country's largest insurance companies is continuously making sure to evolve. Topdanmark's latest initiative is a new corporate website to improve the user experience for investors, business partners and potential new employees.

In numbers

Topdanmark is embarking on a major migration project, where all websites will be assembled on a new Java platform. Kraftvaerk is part of the project as development and implementation partner. The first part of the project is a new corporate website (Topdanmark.com) where Kraftvaerk is responsible for architecture, system integrations and implementation.

A new site

With the launch of the new corporate website, Topdanmark has been given a modern platform where design and architecture help create improved user experiences.

Two months

There was no time to waste when Kraftvaerk entered the process. So the new corporate website has been implemented in just two months and kicked off with an effortless launch.

Much more

The new corporate website is only one of several projects Topdanmark and Kraftvaerk are cooperating on. Among other things, we have developed more than 30 applications for Topdanmark.dk – including integrations to Calculate the price of car insurance and Annual travel on Globus (chatbot).

From old platform to Topdigital

Topdanmark wants to lift the company's brand by renewing their corporate website, in order to communicate exciting initiatives and results to partners and investors. In addition to a new design, this requires a modern platform, new architecture and fast execution. Delivery has been made on all parameters, and Topdanmark now has a corporate website where the user experience is at the heart, and where underlying IT integrates with the rest of Topdanmark's organisation.

Building a site on a new platform in 2 months, including both migration to the new CMS and implementation of new web design for content, function and structure, is a complex task to lift. I am deeply grateful for the cooperation with Kraftvaerk. Kraftvaerk has assisted with the front-end development of highly complex components for investor data, and in addition, Kraftvaerk's consultants served as the main architects of the task. Kraftvaerk's dedicated professionalism in working on both the overall platform architecture, advice for the development of Bloomreach and the practical work on component development has enabled us to deliver the .com site in such a short time.

— Helena Magidas Johansen, IT/Marketing consultant and tech lead on the topdanmark.com project, Topdanmark.

A major migration project with a focus on interaction

Topdanmark's migration project aims to bring all the company's websites together in one CMS. This requires mainframe integrations that enable Topdanmark to adapt more quickly to new and changing market needs. In addition, Kraftvaerk develops integrations that connect Topdanmark's IT systems across the enterprise.

Bloomreach – Java that works

Kraftvaerk has developed Topdanmark's new corporate website in Bloomreach CMS. Bloomreach is an open source platform that integrates data, content and services with a focus on creating an insightful customer experience. Since 2018, Kraftvaerk has been a Bloomreach silver partner.

Shall we develop together?

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