Digital paint-over lifts paint giant.

In close cooperation, Flügger and Kraftvaerk have increased the digitalisation and automation of Flügger's value chain. This has been accomplished by implementing PIM, developing a Scandinavian e-commerce platform and lifting all Flügger's websites onto a more up-to-date platform. While at the same time ensuring that all solutions interact with Flügger's existing IT landscape.

Hundreds of products.

With the implementation of PIM, Flügger has gained an overview of all product data in one overall system. Now, data on hundreds of products is enriched and systematised. The PIM system minimises time-consuming management of product information across borders, products and channels.

1 click replaces 100.

The time-to-market process has become significantly faster. With the fully automatic set-up, Flügger can now link and quality-assure product information, declarations of goods and labelling regulations. With one click, customers will get up-to-date product information.

99% digital business.

New PIM system, new e-commerce solution and new CMS platform with integrations connecting the organisation mean that Flügger can now call itself digital pretty much all round. In the pipeline, there is even system development intended to strengthen Flügger's e-commerce even further.

Technology and customer experiences are two sides of the same coin. Customers expect cross-channel coherence, and they expect speed, accuracy and personalisation. When the systems are integrated and linked together really well, you can create more customer centric experiences that make a difference to the customer.

— Mads C. Prytz , Head of E-Business, Flügger group A/S.

Ready for stricter environmental requirements.

Flügger operates in a market where new regulations and stricter environmental requirements are introduced, and the company needs to comply. This requires a flexible value chain with automatic and efficient processes. And that is the part Flügger wanted to improve with the new PIM system.

From manual processes to automation.

With a PIM system, Flügger has streamlined their handling of product data. This means that the market leader can now manage information about each product and thus quickly update and execute changes in product information. This applies regardless of the quantities involved or how many channels and markets are involved.

E-commerce – first to Scandinavia, and then across Europe.

In connection with the PIM implementation, Kraftvaerk has developed the paint giant's first e-commerce platform for the Scandinavian market. To create the most value, the new webshop (based on Episerver Commerce) integrates with the PIM system. This means, among other things, that: 

  • Flügger's product information is automatically updated in the webshop across markets
  • Flügger can showcase a larger product range online
  • Flügger can access new markets more quickly

It's all connected: PIM, ERP, CMS, Azure...

The PIM solution's primary data source is ERP. Full synchronisation between PIM and ERP is achieved through weekly runs that transfer all product data. Twice daily, delta data is also transferred, so PIM is always up-to-date. In addition to ERP integration, custom integrations have been developed for Flügger's image database, which automatically enrich products in PIM with the correct product images. Products/product groups in PIM are also automatically connected with safety data sheets through an integration with an external IT system.

New CMS platform. As part of Flügger's digitalisation, Flügger has switched CMS platform to Episerver. All websites are gathered in one place in a contemporary platform that supports Flügger's need to digitalise the value chain.

From PIM to CMS automatically. When a product in PIM meets a number of defined criteria, it is ready to appear on Flügger's website and is automatically sent to Episerver (the site's underlying CMS).

Smart integrations in the cloud. Flügger's PIM solution is based on the new cloud version of inRiver called iPMC. This makes integrations easier to handle through available components in Azure, e.g. Storage Accounts, Functions, etc.

Putting customers first.

Rasmus Kjær Madsen

Director & Head of E-commerce

+45 53 72 97 84