Digital self-service on the go

Since 2014, OKQ8 has worked with Kraftvaerk to support the company’s digital journey and assist in making it agile and customer-focused with the right system set-up and organisation. At the heart of the OKQ8 digital ecosystem is Sitecore CMS. From here, we have created integrations with the digital self-service solutions and services.

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In figures

In the Nordic fuel retailing industry, surviving and thriving in an extremely competitive business depends on being able to transform and become more agile. Since 2014, Kraftvaerk has helped OKQ8 achieve this by enabling a highly successful digital transition that has enhanced growth, profitability, customer satisfaction and employee engagement. Together, we have developed corporate websites, mobile applications, B2B and B2C self-service portals, an online product catalogue and an e-commerce solution. 

One corporate website

Every day, thousands of customers visit the strong digital platform that combines OKQ8’s Scandinavian activities. After the merger between Q8 Danmark A/S and Swedish OK-Q8 AB in 2012, it was necessary to bring the two business together on a single, solid platform.

One popular B2C app

Thousands of customers have downloaded the OKQ8 app. Here, customers are presented with an overview of the car products and services that match their needs and vehicle precisely.

Ongoing business projects

Insurance. Orders. Accounting. Service. Carbon emissions. There is a lot to do when a company like OKQ8 wants to help people on the go. At the moment, we have more than 40 ongoing development projects.

Kraftvaerk possesses in-depth technical insight, listens, executes and always follows up in spite of the fact that we have a huge development programme together. We’ve been working with them since 2014 in a constellation with other agencies, and it has been nothing but positive

— Kim Tingager, Head of Digital Business Development and Operations, OKQ8.

How can we help people on the go? OKQ8 found the answer in a strong digital roadmap

Every single day, OKQ8 is under constant pressure regarding fuel prices and retail margins. Meanwhile, the growing use of electric vehicles – set to account for as much as 15% in many European countries by 2020 – is beginning to shake up the industry. Predicting the future is impossible, but it is safe to say that petrol station forecourts will soon look very different. OKQ8 is meeting these challenges with a strong digital roadmap to support and transform customer relationships. 

More digital self-service on the way

The platforms we have created are up and running and are already creating value for our customers, not to mention for ourselves. But we have no intention of stopping here. In fact, we have more than 40 different projects in progress right now.

— Kim Tingager, Head of Digital Business Development and Operations, OKQ8

Putting customers first

Rasmus Hagemann

Director & Head of Cloud Solutions

+45 53 72 97 82