Be inspired at the E-commerce Conference 2019.

On 9 October, Kraftvaerk participates in the E-commerce Conference 2019. Together with IIH Nordic and Google Cloud, we create the setting for transforming companies' potential within IT systems, data and cloud.

Power Up, Data Boost og Cloud Passion

Meet Kraftvaerk at FDIH’s E-commerce Conference 2019, where together with IIH Nordic and Google Cloud, we offer freshly squeezed juices and talk about opportunities and experiences surrounding e-commerce solutions, data and cloud.

Did you know, for example ...

  • that Google Cloud gives companies access to unlimited opportunities for activating customer data through machine learning and Google Marketing Platform?
  • that IIH Nordic helps companies achieve the highest possible ROI on digital investments?
  • that Kraftvaerk creates value through increased cohesion between business systems, business processes and people?

We look forward to discussing your business potential and offering you a juice from our juice bar. Would you like a Power Up by Kraftvaerk, a Data Boost by IIH Nordic or Cloud Passion by Google?

Where & when?

Wednesday, 9 October 2019 at 09.00-18.30. 

Øksnehallen, Copenhagen V.

Read more about the E-Commerce Conference 2019 here.