Hear about all the joys of PIM

Streamline data handling across your company, vendors and systems.

Time & place

Wednesday, 27 November 2019, at 14.30-16.30

H.C. Andersen Slottet, H. C. Andersens Blvd. 22, 1553 Copenhagen (part of Nimb, Tivoli, but with entrance via H.C. Andersens Boulevard opposite Copenhagen City Hall. You get access to Tivoli after the event)

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Together with the partners inRiver and Microsoft, Kraftvaerk expands on how intelligent use of data can create even better product data quality, faster time-to-market, a strong overview and ultimately greater growth potential. Join the free after work event and get access to all the advantages of Product Information Management (PIM).

There is data everywhere. In sales. In marketing. In the production. In the webshop. In physical stores. With suppliers. With competitors. In the archives. In the system. PIM is a way of gaining control with data across all channels. This event will introduce you to the advantages of PIM. You'll learn how to get started and how you can develop a PIM system further to create even more value. You will gain insight into how the customer journey must be personalised from start to finish – and very specific advice on how to get started.

Jesper Larsen – inRiver

Accelerate your content production so it's ready for the digital channels

With several years of experience in a wide range of business areas, Jesper is a B2B sales veteran who can showcase business development processes by using new strategies and product management. Jesper is agile and skilled at trying out new methods and constantly inspiring his team to work together.

Case – Flügger

From implementation to results in 90 days

This year, Flügger has introduced inRiver PIM as one of the first steps of an ambitious digitisation of their business. Flügger will share their experience with the process, including the considerations that were made prior to the choice of PIM, the implementation and the anchoring process itself, and not least the learnings and experiences PIM has provided.

Megan Bloemsma – Microsoft

Advises in moving forward with AI-services

Megan Bloemsma is a data scientist, working as a Cloud Solution Architect for Microsoft. Technology is power, and in my work I help companies build solutions that will add value to their business. Making most of your data, and using algorithms to make the machines work for YOU is incredibly exciting and I cannot wait to share my learnings.


14.30 - 14.45: Arrival and registration

14.45 - 14.50: Welcome by Kraftvaerk

14.50 - 15.10: Jesper Larsen, inRiver - Getting your content production factory up to speed for the new digital channels


15.25 - 15.45: Flügger case – From  implementation to results in 90 days


16.00 - 16.20: Megan Bloemsma, Microsoft – Advises in moving forward with AI-services

16.20 - 16.30: Questions & rounding off

16.30 - ?: All participants get free admission to Tivoli in continuation of the event. Enjoy.

OTHER pleasures of the day:
  • Delicious mulled wine - ad libitum (with or without alcohol)
  • Homemade Christmas fritters – ad libitum
  • Coffee and tea as well, naturally
  • And mineral water, sparkling or still
  • Crispy Christmas cookies
  • And not least: Admission to the amusement park Tivoli

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A partner event in collaboration with inRiver, Microsoft and Flügger, organised by Kraftvaerk.



If you want to know more about PIM, delve in via the link below. On the page, you can also download our checklist with 5 things useful to consider before investing in PIM.

Read more about PIM and download our PIM check list here.