Flown is a testing tool developed for all web editors. The benefits are many. You can read about five of them here.

New testing tool for 2020 for web editors?

"What if ..."–  " You could also ... " – "Look what I came up with!" This is just about how the research phase ended, when we were tasked by a client with finding and quality assuring a testing tool that could improve the user experience by finding errors in time. Surveying the market, we naturally found numerous bids for potential testing tools, but as we saw it, there really weren’t any that could do what we – and the client – wanted. So one of our developers began to innovate. Yes, this is often the way in this kind of development house. The result was the testing tool 'Flown', which can, in all modesty, do all the things that the web editors are looking for: More time and 100 % overview of the site. We will share it here, so you don't have to look any further. The benefits are many. Here are five of them. 

Benefit #1

Easy access to a wide range of functional tests

In general, web editors are looking for more time. Time to do the things that create value. That is why Flown was built with the idea of having one central place to check, carry out and display the result of any automated test without having to first configure and install it on a local device. This way the web editors avoid wasting time on installation. Flown is available instantly, anywhere, from any device with an internet connection.

Benefit #2

Overview at a glance

How do you discover in time that a buy button is suddenly placed wrong? If you are responsible for multiple sites, how do you ensure that you see all business-critical bugs in time? The answer is Flown. With its most simple tests, the automated testing tool can update you on the site or sites for which you are responsible without any effort on your part other than entering an URL and clicking 'execute'. After just a few minutes, a simple overview will visualise the site’s performance and possibilities for improvement. To make it even easier for you as a web editor, you can automate tests further (CRON), so you receive an email notification in case of fluctuations on the site, just as you can perform image regression tests (IRT) after running two or more tests of the same site. IRT will tell you whether your site has changed inadvertently over time by comparing screenshots. With one click, you can also test the performance on mobile phones, and if you click on the 'throttling' feature, Flown will tell you how your site is performing on 3G or 4G. 

Benefit #3

Ready for an automated test in 15 minutes

The most clever thing about it all is how easy it is to get started with Flown. Any web editor, tech-savvy or not, can test desired sites after a 15 minute introduction. If you have a site that contains a login and/or a cookie consent, Flown can test behind that too, just as it will flag it, if there are broken links. Flown is very simple to set up, and we are available to whichever extent you need.

Benefit #4

Flown benefits more people in the company

It is not only web editors who can benefit from Flown. For any developers in the company, the more advanced tests will also contribute with great value in the development and maintenance of a site. Flown can run automated site integration tests (SIT) against any API or website, perform end-to-end tests in the browser and integrate into the company's CI pipeline. Flown will discover the inevitable mistakes in the code earlier in the development phase, so you can fix them before a deploy. With Flown's latest functionality 'Real-time error tracking', you even avoid only being notified of an error following a customer complaint. As soon as a customer detects a function that does not work, you can see the error in Flown, so you can correct the error and optimise the user journey.

Benefit #5

Non-binding test results. Free of charge

Interested in getting more time and a 100 % overview of the site or sites you are responsible for? Send an email to contact@flown.dk with your contact information, and we'll call you for a talk – with no obligations. You are also welcome to send the address of your site, and we will run a few tests, send you the results and then have a talk about how Flown can improve your everyday routines.

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