Flown #1

To err is human. Kraftvaerk has developed a unique testing and monitoring tool called Flown for running automated tests, because we know it’s human to err. 

We can all make mistakes.

It is human to make mistakes, and therefore understandable that errors can occur when developing software. At the end of the day, it is still people who are sitting and writing the code that finally becomes a website, portal, app or other technical platform. Often, it is not the software developer who makes a mistake, rather it is caused by an erroneous third-party integration, technology becoming obsolete, or due to changes made by the editor. Despite the fact that it is very common and human to make mistakes, we often find that we are taken aback when they happen. Therefore, at Kraftvaerk we are good at minimising software bugs, and at removing the human element from the equation.  

Bugs in a solution can stem from many different factors, and finding the bug can prove difficult. It goes without saying that the bigger and more complex the solution, the more complicated and time-consuming it is to locate the bugs.  

If we take a step back and ask ourselves whether it is possible to create a bug-free solution, the theoretical answer must be yes, but in reality the answer will always be no. A good analogy is to think about software development as a book. Books often contain spelling mistakes, and most people will undoubtedly be able to remember spotting errors while reading, even though the copy might have been proofread two, three, or perhaps even four times. In other words, it is perfectly human and natural to make spelling mistakes.  

It must be possible to use books and software for their intended purpose, even though they contain minor errors, while serious mistakes will make them both unusable. If the last page of a book is missing, it might well make the book worthless for the reader, while an on-line store without an ‘Add to basket’ button has no value for either the company or the consumer.  


The partial conclusion must be that software bugs crop up everywhere, and that it is human to err. However, it is important not to underestimate the fact that bugs can be extremely expensive, and with the wide range of suppliers and goods available, it is easy to lose customers if an error is too pernicious or if there are too many of them. Therefore, it is important to find and resolve as many bugs as possible.  

At Kraftvaerk, we don’t possess in-depth knowledge about book production, but we are experts at developing different solutions and minimising potential errors in these solutions.  

Bugs can be found by testing a solution, for example by running unit tests, end-to-end tests etc. Most tests are performed by someone sitting at the computer, where they click their way through a portal to check that it’s possible to log in, update profiles etc.  

Finding bugs takes time, costs money and involves the human element which we know is not infallible, but it has now become possible to significantly reduce the number of bugs. Automated testing removes the human element from the equation, and at the same time guarantees that a test is performed in exactly the same way every time. Automated testing is also faster to complete and, over time, cheaper.


At Kraftvaerk, we have developed our own unique monitoring and testing tool called Flown for running automated tests and monitoring, because we know it’s human to err. Flown is being developed and improved all the time with new and improved testing options. We don’t want to remove the human component from software development, rather we want to use technology and software to supplement what we can do. Basically, that’s what we do at Kraftvaerk.  

If you would like to know more, let Kraftvaerk and Flown help you find the human errors which can occur. In the near future, we will be providing more information on how Flown works and the value it creates.  

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Senior Architect

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