How to succeed with pace of innovation

This article defines several points a modern CIO ought to focus on to accelerate pace of innovation.


Why pace of innovation is important

Being able to rapidly adjust the way CIOs do business using digital platforms became decisive during the COVID-19 pandemic. Digital transformation was first mentioned in 2011, but the pandemic showed the entire world how vulnerable industries and commerce have become to disease, financial trends and political change. And that’s why pace of innovation is essential, so CIOs can contribute to retaining and expanding market share.

Kraftvaerk has written this article on ‘How to succeed with pace of innovation’ which focuses on some of the IT and organisational structures that are vital for CIOs to understand and manage in order to rapidly adjust the business using digital platforms. And thus, gain success with pace of innovation. Read about:

  • Why a shared understanding between IT and business is important
  • Best-of-breed vs. best-of-suite
  • Architecture strategy
  • Platform consolidation
  • The IT architecture of the future
  • Master data management

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